Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter:  The “Be Cool” UpdateWhat is the meaning of this cross? That was the question asked by a Pakistani who had never before had a Christian friend. During our deputation ministry out West, we encountered a very large Pakistani community. The church and housing happened to be adjacent to the Mosque. We were thrilled to be in this location because we knew God had brought us there, not only to share God’s calling on our lives for the Philippines but also to do all we could to share the Gospel to the Muslim people. It was not easy because those people were told not to allow “outsiders” into their homes. They operated under their own cultural rules called Sharia Law. We give God the glory because after nearly 60 hours of time invested, there were 9 Muslims who walked through the church doors and were presented with the clear truth of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord for the very first time. What an incredible breakthrough that day! During the course of sharing the Gospel, one of them shared with us what they understood about the Gospel by saying that the true Bible-believing Christians know that they have eternal life through Jesus, while Muslims are still working to gain eternal life. We were excited at this response. They went on to explain that they will study the Gospel more and will have other questions for us later. Praise God for the Gospel seed planted in their hearts, knowing that the Word of God shall not return void. The following morning after this great victory, we found our car’s rear window broken out and nearly all of our bags taken, including our display and the bags containing my wife’s clothing.

God is so good. He used His people to help us in the replacement of my wife’s clothing, our ministry display, and the repair of the window. Many of our dear friends reached out to us and encouraged us at that time. We are truly grateful for all of our friends and co-laborers in the Lord. We are greatly encouraged that faithful servants of God made the commitment to continue reaching that Pakistani community with the Gospel.

Throughout our deputation ministry, God has used us to share His good news to many people, with some making the decision to believe the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. One man I shared God’s plan of salvation was a special-needs adult. I took the time to explain God’s truth so that this man was able to understand God’s simple plan for salvation. He gladly received Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. My wife was also able to share the Gospel with a woman who had many questions about God. In the end she told my wife that she had allowed many people of different religions into her home, but none was able to answer her questions. She went on to say that before my wife came, she was even questioning the existence of God. After hearing God’s Word explained, she learned that God is real and that He loves her, and she believed and received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

We are now back on the eastern side of the United States. Praise the Lord! We are currently at 65%. Please pray that those with whom the Gospel was shared would trust Christ as their Saviour. Pray that God will enable our many friends across the country to join us in both prayer and financial support in the hope, God willing, of reaching 100% financial partnership by January 2017. To God be the glory for the great things He hath done! These are the fruits that are added unto your account. God bless you all during this holiday season, for He is the reason for the season.

In Christ’s service,

Dennis and Holly Lagos

“Be cool; pray for Bicol.”