Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Great is His Faithfulness--Happy New Year!Our December schedule was filled with public school meetings and many special events planned for our church and staff. God allowed our team to share the Christmas story with seven public schools this year. Several of our regular church children were students at these schools. It was sweet to see how excited the children were to have us in their schools. We had the opportunity to teach an English lesson with vocabulary words from the Christmas story, and we got the students and staff involved in the learning and in playing the games. Then our staff and team members preformed the drama while our narrator told the story. Our Thai pastor, Adjan Sakrapee, finished the program with the Gospel message. We had gifts for every student, which included a Christmas decoration and a copy of John and Romans in the Thai language.

At one of the schools, a lady came up to Missy after we had finished. She was a cook at the school and had been preparing lunch while we were doing the program. The kitchen was right near the meeting room, and she had been listening during the entire presentation. She said, “I am a Christian too! I come to work here every day, and I am the only believer. It is so wonderful to hear others sharing about Jesus, and I am happy to meet you all. Can I also get a copy of the Bible you are giving out?” She had tears in her eyes when Missy gave her a Bible. She then went on to say that every Sunday she meets with a small group of Christians, and they read their Bibles together. Missy invited her to come visit our church for our special Christmas Sunday. This dear lady came for our Christmas Sunday and has been coming ever since.

I took a seven-day trip with Dr. Mark Bosje and two other men to visit our missionary, Brother K___, in L___, and we also went to V___ to visit another missionary. We were able to see the extended ministries of Brother K___ and the different men he has trained to be preachers throughout their country. God is doing a great work there through these men, who are standing bold for Him in a country that is communistic. It was a challenge and encouragement to my heart.

Our Christmas Sunday at the church was very special. We had many first-time visitors who had been invited by our regular members. Our staff member Pi Dah, along with some of her friends, prepared an incredible spread of Thai dishes and special fruits for lunch. Everyone received a Christmas present, and the Christmas drama was performed during the last service. At the close of the service, the Gospel was given once again, and many received Jesus into their hearts. It was such a sweet time of fellowship.

Missy and I invited our friend Nid to come to the Christmas service at the church. We visited Nid a week before the service, and she shared with us that she had recently gone through cancer surgery and treatments. This opened the door for Missy to share the Gospel with her and talk with her about eternity. Nid came to the Christmas service and had many questions. Afterwards, she asked Missy if she would visit her and talk with her more about Jesus and what she had heard that day. Missy gave her a John and Romans and asked Nid if she would agree to read through those two books. In January, we visited her again, and her heart is softening more and more to the Gospel’s truth. Just last week, Missy stopped by Nid’s house, and they talked for almost two hours. Nid has read through John and Romans, and she told Missy that she wants to believe in Jesus. Her last comment was, “I have been a Buddhist my whole life, and I have tried to do good. I want to believe in Jesus. I will pray to Him and ask Him to show me that He is real.” She asked if they could study and meet regularly. Please pray for Missy as she is given this amazing opportunity to share Christ. Also, please pray for Nid to see HIM and receive Jesus into her heart.

We enjoyed hosting our missionary, Brother K___, for the New Year. He and his wife and two young sons came to Hua Hin for a short time of rest. They were given money from a supporting friend, and our church was able to spoil them a little also.
Then just last Sunday, the second Sunday of January, our team hosted Dr. Bob Bowen and Brother Curtis Hall, missionaries with B.E.S.T. a Bible printing and distribution ministry to Asia. This ministry has a part in supplying Bibles and materials to our church and ministries. We are grateful for their work of faith and vision to reach these Southeast Asian countries for Christ with HIS Word. This Sunday was also Children’s Day. We had many adults and children attend as first-time visitors. There was 1 adult and 8 children who trusted in Jesus. There were two bouncy castles and ice cream for all the children to enjoy.

One evening last week, we had dinner at our house with my parents and three of our faithful church members, Dexter and Naree (husband and wife) and Nicholas. We also invited Nicholas’ wife Patty, who is not yet a believer. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and singing. Our burden is to reach Patty with the Gospel. She is a staunch Buddhist, and this has caused much sorrow in their marriage. Every week Nicholas is faithful to come to church, and he longs to have spiritual unity with his wife. Please pray for Patty, and pray that we can continue to have influence in her life as friends (but also a witness for Him).

The recent auditorium expansion has been a blessing, but the space has already been filled with weekly visitors and new members. Please consider praying with us as we continue to raise money for our Building and Land Fund.

Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing how the Lord will work through us and Team Thailand in this new year. Thank you for your faithful, monthly support and prayers. We have the best supporters and supporting churches.

Your friend and missionary to Thailand,

Tim Shook