Tim and Missy Shook Prayer Letter: Encouraged Daily by the Faith of Our MembersWe are excited to report that we have started the building process for the two houses on the land that will house the families who will serve as the land caretakers. As you might remember, we had a different contractor/builder, but last year, the Lord closed that door very unexpectedly and clearly. We continued to develop the land and pray for God to bring the right builder. Early last year while we were out visiting, Brother Sakrapee and I met a lady who was hosting church services in her house. She was a part of a group of believers who were without a church building or pastor after months of shutdowns due to COVID. She never came to visit our church, but word got around to the other believers about our church. During a special promotion month last October, Woot and Oowan (a husband and wife) came from that group to visit our church. They have been thrilled to become a part of our church and have a wonderful salvation testimony. Since our return from furlough earlier this year, we have gotten to know Woot and Oowan much better. We found out that he is a skilled builder and architect. We have gone to see some of the projects he has worked on, and the Lord gave Brother Sakrapee and me great peace about using Woot as our builder. Construction of the two houses is in action as I write this letter. The process will take about five months to complete. After this phase, we will begin building the office buildings and the Junior Church building. The Junior Church building will serve as a temporary auditorium while the main auditorium is built. Thank you for your prayers and giving toward our building and land development.

In our teen class, I have been taking our group of around 15 teenagers through the TAN (Teaching All Nations) Bible curriculum. As we have been learning about Who God is, I challenged the class to memorize Psalm 118. I put Thai words that go with the Scripture verses from that Psalm (Verses 5, 6, 8, & 17) to the music that Pastor Clint Miller wrote many years ago. During the class singing time, three of the teen boys play guitars with me as we accompany the class, with Lauren at the piano. Two of the teens have already quoted the entire Psalm during the Sunday school hour, and another young lady is ready to quote it this coming week. God is using His Word to encourage and grow the young people. We pray that they choose to continue following and serving Him. Our class will sing those verses in church in a few weeks. We will be sure to send the video of that special in our next update.

It is a joy for me to work with and have a part in training the young men of our church. Jack, the son of Pastor Pong & Dah of the Nong Phlap church), works with me in our teen department and helps in other areas of the church. He has been a faithful testimony through his teen years and continues to be a light for the Gospel as he studies at university. One night after we hosted a teen get-together, Missy and I took Jack back to the university. We started talking about all of the teen friends he has invited and brought to church over the years. Many of his friends have been saved because of his bold testimony. I encouraged him to reach out to his university classmates and friends and invite them to church also. In the last several weeks, three of his classmates have come to church. Jome came three weeks ago and accepted Christ that same day. He came back the next week and got baptized. We are praying for an open door to start a Bible study at Jack’s university. Would you join us in prayer about this?

We have several other new outreach opportunities that will start in the months ahead. The need is great here, and the fields are ready for harvest; we pray often for more laborers from within our ministries and from God calling other missionaries to join us.

Growth is steady and strong in the members of our church, and we are encouraged daily by their faith. We are seeing souls saved as we go out and give the Gospel many different times throughout the week.

We are tremendously grateful for your faithful support through prayer and giving! To God be the glory, for He has done great things.

For Him,

Tim Shook