Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  The Work ContinuesAttendance is starting to pick back up now that spring is just around the corner. Because the church has no heat, attendance drops in the winter. In my eyes, it was a mild winter, but to folks here, it was cold. Regardless of the weather, the work for the Lord continues. Three precious souls put their faith in the Lord Jesus and His perfect sacrifice for salvation. We stood silently and prayed as one became a child of God. Most people we lead to Christ believe that they must be good to go to Heaven. What a joy it is when they see from His Word that Christ paid their sin debt for them.

Some of our converts are very faithful to attend the services. Jose and Joanna were saved in April and don’t miss services. They live in a squatters’ area beside a canal in a one-room shack with a dirt floor. Jose said that since receiving Christ, he and Joanna have both found steady work and plan to move into a house with floors. Praise the Lord that they give Him the glory!

Marcelo was saved in May, and now he and his wife are trying to reconcile. He sold one of his motorcycles so he could buy an old car to carry his family places. Family is now more important than self. Praise the Lord!

Josephina was saved in March and constantly brings neighbors with her to church. Her husband died recently, and the church has been a place of comfort for her in these trying days. Aren’t you glad you’re part of the family of God?

We were not able to take on a new class at the language school, so please continue to pray for our language comprehension. Susie takes two daily medications for her sinuses and now has to take a third one, so continue to pray for health and safety. We hope to purchase a large box of Bibles at a great price in late September or early October, so pray that we will be able to purchase them. Praise the Lord that we have the money, but getting literature or anything without paying a high tariff in Argentina is very hard.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson