Brian George Prayer Letter:  Printing of "The Gospel" Boklet in Argentina!Printing of “The Gospel” Booklet in Argentina!

Let me give you all the details of this exciting booklet that is helping us win souls in Argentina. The booklet was written by Bro. Ron Shea from Clear Gospel Crusade. I have been in contact with him for many years, and it is exciting to be able to print this much-needed booklet in Argentina.

The booklet has 28 pages and is fully illustrated with the plan of salvation. This illustrated booklet gives the plan of salvation in a very simple, clear, and understandable matter. The booklet is being passed out to all our first-time visitors at church and also as we go door-to-door soul winning.

g1Just over one year ago, we printed 10,000 copies. The booklet was quickly in hot demand by our soul winners. We have been seeing excellent results of people being saved by reading the booklet and coming to church. Praise the Lord!

God has been leading me to go ahead and print up another 30,000 copies of this booklet. After much prayer, I have decided to send you this card and ask for your prayers. It costs $2.30 for 10 copies / $23 for 100 copies / $230 for 1,000 copies / $2,300 for 10,000 copies / $23,000 for 100,000 copies. Our goal right now is just 30,000 copies at US$6,900.

Please pray! Could you possibly take this on as a family or church project? Please talk to your pastor. Any donations would be welcome! Thank you for giving towards this project of winning souls in Argentina!

Thank you for your love and support! We are here in Argentina to serve you!

For souls,

Brian R. George and Family

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