Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Quick Visit to the StatesDecember was a very busy month—church work, Bible institute, Christmas with the family, and end-of-the-year activities with the brethren in Christ. Christmas is not celebrated much in Cuba, but New Year’s Eve is a very big event for Cubans. Their tradition is to throw away something old and to buy something new. I preached a sermon on getting rid of old sinful habits and getting a good new habit in the coming year, such as soul winning, prayer, Bible reading, etc.


About the middle of December, my son Moises let me know that he was ready to go to college in January 2016. So I begin preparations to drop him off at Hyles-Anderson College.

On January 11, my son and I flew to the U.S. When we left the mission field, it was 70 degrees. When we landed in Chicago, it was 3 degrees (nice welcome). The next day was Opening Day at the college, so I dropped my son off and stayed for the weekend. Sunday morning I had the privilege to preach for a good friend in North Chicago. On Sunday the temperature was 20 below zero. On Monday morning, January 18, I headed to the airport. It was still 20 degrees below zero, but I returned to the mission field safe and warm again.


One day after eating lunch at home, I stepped outside. While standing on the sidewalk, a middle-aged man with his little son approached me, asking money for food. I immediately said that I didn’t have any but offered them some food! He agreed! I went inside and brought out food for both of them. I immediately began to witness to the man. He had questions about other matters, and I promised to answer them afterwards. I went through the plan of salvation, and He asked Jesus to save him! Glory to God! Amen. Afterwards I answered his questions about the other matters other than salvation, and he was happy to know the answers and even more happy to be saved!

Please continue to pray for:

1. Finances.
2. Family’s spiritual life.
3. Furthering of the Gospel in Cuba.

The Leyva Family