Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  Missions in the Middle of NowhereThis letter will get to you very late in the month, and the reason is that I was in the middle of nowhere in a remote area in Cuba. I did not have access to a computer nor an internet connection. I came back to civilization on August 10, and now I write and send this letter to be proofread and then to be printed and mailed. Of course, if you receive my letter by email, you will get it faster.


I have a small group of people in a small town in Velasco, Holguin, ready to start the Bible institute, but I am short on the materials needed (videos, books, and the printed materials). Some are currently being used by another group of students at another church. I am waiting for more supplies to come for the rest of the things I need.


In July, I was invited to preach a missions conference in a mid-sized town in Mexico. This was their first missions conference. Therefore, during the first two days, I taught on “Reasons to Have a Missions Conference.” On the third day, I preached on missions. At the beginning of the conference, I had high expectations for the end results, but at the close of the conference, the many blessings blew my mind! Four young men surrendered their lives to the mission field. Every church member pledged a Faith Promise, even the young people. They voted to take on eight new missionaries. Finally, the pastor and church said, “We can’t wait for next year’s missions conference!” God is good!


There is a small restaurant in Cuba that I visit more frequently than others. They have changed the cook several times through the years I have been eating there. I have witnessed to every cook they had. Some have gotten saved; some have not. The current cook is a middle-aged lady. I witnessed to her as she came by my table in pauses, for she would come and go to the kitchen. When I finished giving her the plan of salvation, I asked her if she wanted to be saved. She said, “YES, but I am too busy right now,” as she turned around and went back to the kitchen. I stood up and followed her to the kitchen. I told her to put her hand on the Bible and ask Jesus to save her. She turned off the gas on the stove to avoid burning any food, laid her hand on the Bible, and asked Jesus to save her. Amen!

Please pray for:

1. The power of God for witnessing and preaching.
2. Materials and supplies for the Bible institute.
3. My family’s spiritual life.

The Leyva Family