Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  Thank God for His HealingThank God for His healing. In July and the first week of August, we faced flooding, landslides, road damages, and very bad weather. We have been suffering, which resulted in several kinds of sickness in our country. We praise God that the two children’s homes, Faith and Agape Children’s Homes, are safe, but some of our missionary families were not well. By God’s grace, they are all now in good health.

Just recently I got back from the missions conference of Pastor Peter Ling of Kyanthar Baptist Church. We just held a wonderful missions conference, but I got sick with pain in my backbone, fever, malaria, coughing, and the flu that I am in fighting with.

There has been no rest at all after the completion of the college building; but by His grace, we are finalizing all the furniture, bunkbeds, tables, chairs, college utilities, and so forth. God is blessing us in several ways through your prayers. Amen. We still need to accomplish some things, so please continue praying for us.

If it is possible, I need to come and raise support for the college utilities, for the college library, for the staff and teachers, and for other programs needed. Currently I cut off 40% payment of some of our missionaries and put it on the college program, as the churches are growing and increasing their offerings. Some of my preacher boys don’t like it, but I needed to do it.

Please pray for me and my family and the ministries. Amen. God bless you.

In His vineyard,

Dr. Paul T. Lung