Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  Off to a Great Start in 2017!Thank God for the finished year 2016 and the new year 2017. We have again passed by the month of January already. Our times are just running ahead of us. Psalms 90 reminds us that our days and times are of the Lord. We just get older year after year. Times, days, and years simply deduct and cut time from us. This is proof that our times do not belong to us. They belong to the Lord. He is our life and Timekeeper. Therefore, all mankind must trust in Him; this is a requirement.

Well, the new year 2017 is just wonderful and off to a productive start. I still keep in mind that our midnight service was just a great, great service! More than 190 people showed up at midnight, and the attendance records show that this new year 2017 is just off to a great start. As for this year, New Year’s Day was on a Sunday, and a lot of people showed up to our church. I always try my best in preaching the Gospel. I strongly preached a Baptist message from Psalm 90:1-17. It was a wonderful service.

I enjoy serving the people here in Myanmar. Our Christmas service was also just great. Many people who were invited for this service showed up and received their gifts from us. It was just great. Then a week later, the FBMI Mission Director, Dr. Mark Bosje, came to Huahin, Thailand. He recorded national pastors preaching for a radio program called “The Faith Connection.” What a wonderful time it was that we spent together in Thailand.

The year 2017 is off to a good start, and we are excited about and expecting amazing things from the Lord in this year. We are praying that we will be able to lay the foundation for the college library building and trust that God will help us to accomplish this project in 2017. We will use this building for several multiple purposes (chapel hall, classroom, study room, and so forth), so please pray for us. Our God is able. Dr. Luke, who was a great physician, tells of the miraculous works of God in the lives of Zacharias and Elizabeth and Joseph and Mary. He said, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37) He is the same God we trust today. We can trust that it will come to pass. Amen!

Prayer Requests

1. For my health and my safety traveling across the country
2. The financial needs for the library building project
3. Agape and Faith Orphanage (102 kids)—their final examination
4. New orphan children in this academic year 2017-2018
5. College students—I need more young preachers to come to the college.
6. Our church-planting projects, along with the 18 pastors’ families and their financial needs (lands, church buildings, chairs, pulpits, other needs )
7. All pastors’ children–in need of help for education, as well as their health and spiritual growth

Blessing you richly, as you love Him and serve Him in truth,

Dr. Paul T Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church