Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  Back in TanzaniaWe made it back to sunny Tanzania. We arrived on January 25. It was great to be back, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the States. We traveled to over 27 churches and put over 14,000 miles on our car but made life-impacting memories. We can honestly say we were blessed with the old friends we were able to see again, along with the new ones we made as well. Our hearts were renewed, and we are so grateful for all the churches and individuals who pray for us and support us here in Tanzania. Our flights were good. We were able to check in our 15 bags with very little trouble. We were charged a flat rate per bag instead of being charged by weight, which ended up being a huge miracle, because some of our bags were 70 pounds. I had the opportunity to lead a young lady named Louise to the Lord. She was from Manchester, England. She was on her way to Tanzania to visit some friends and was asking for prayer, which clearly opened the door for me to present her with the Gospel. So she bowed her head and asked the Lord to sweetly save her right there on the plane. I’m always grateful for divine opportunities.

Well, life continues here. It took us a few days to get back into the routine with ministry and traveling; but God is good, and we are adjusting well. We hit the ground running. In fact, at times we are zooming, but that’s a good thing. Our first Sunday back, we had 270 people, and it felt like we had never left. The spirit was fun and exciting, and we are so glad that the Lord met with us.

Before we left, we had some goals and ideas of future needs that we had for Grace Baptist Church. We told the people to pray and watch and see how God answered those requests. As we were traveling in the States, some churches and individuals asked about some of our needs. We are so grateful that God uses people to help people. It’s awesome to be able to experience that firsthand. Sometimes you’re the receiver, and sometimes you’re the giver. We are pleased to be able to write to you and say that the needs for the new church building, the bus, the well, the fence, the electricity for the church, the PA system, the piano, and the microphones have all been met. We have already started building the new church building. We are so excited to see how God uses these physical things, these tools, to bring more people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and we get to team up with some of the best Christians I know to get the job done. Thank you for allowing God to use you in a way that only He can. Thank you for having a tender heart towards people.

Again, we are honored and grateful to represent you here in Tanzania. Please know that you all are welcome to come any time and see firsthand where your monies are going. Thank you for your investment in us.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Mshama, Martha, & Esther Kinyonga