Paul Lung Prayer Letter: Ministry Works Are GrowingThis is Pastor Paul T. Lung, your missionary in Burma (Myanmar). We thank God for your faithful support and prayers, standing behind me and my family in the Lord’s work here in Myanmar. The country is politically more open than in previous years. God is so good to bless the people. The Christian people are growing in number.

The ministry works are growing, especially the two children’s homes. Agape and Faith Children’s Homes have just had unbelievable growth. There are 98 children: 34 girls and 64 boys in number. They eat well and are growing. My wife and I keep busy hour upon hour; plus our own four children just keep extremely busy in the work. We greatly rejoice for this work.

In our church-planting projects with 18 pastors and their families, the churches are growing well. They are few in number, but they are so rich in their faith and standing position. Some churches don’t yet have a church building; we are just renting monthly. But anyway, God is leading us in miraculous ways, and we have experienced more of God’s love and goodness.

The three college buildings are already complete, and we are in need of financial help for finalizing the library needs, especially books, furniture, and so forth. We are trusting that He will accomplish it when His time is fixed, as the Bible says in Jeremiah 33:3. Amen.

Now Christmas caroling and preaching the Gospel in our town are going on. We did a great job. We will be having a big, big Christmas Day. All these are a result of your faithful support and prayers indeed. I and my family rejoice for your kind love and support with prayers. My co-laborers are so helpful and kind to me in serving God; I am glad for that. We keep you in our daily prayers and in our hearts. May the Lord bless you all.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Amen. God bless you.

In His vineyard,

Dr. Paul T. Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church