We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers for our health and safety and for God’s provisions. His watch-care and many blessings are so amazing!

God Answers

Our greatest blessing was the birth of our 37th grandchild, Annistyn Elizabeth Jean. She was born on November 7 to our son and daughter-in-law, Tony and Ally Storm. We thank God for a healthy, beautiful little baby girl! Momma is doing fine, and Dad and her big sisters are enjoying her.

House, Car, and Souls

While we were at our home church one Wednesday night, our old car’s power-steering went out. The very next day, God led us to a car to purchase. We were able to share the Good News of the Gospel with the couple who owned the car, and both of them, right there in their home, trusted Christ to save them. What a joy that was to us!

We had been looking for a “fixer-upper” house when God led us to a house that was ready to move into. It even had all the appliances. God is so good! We moved in November, the Thursday and Friday before the Big Snow. Then we were able to get back out on the road, helping the churches full-time once again!

Door-to-Door Soul Winning

While we were home at First Baptist Church in October, we went out door-to-door soul winning, and we found an older couple whose children were our bus kids years ago when they were young. What a blessing we received when we introduced them to the Lord Jesus! They both bowed their heads and trusted the Lord as their own personal Saviour. We went away with rejoicing!
A Dirty Wrench in the Master’s Hands: One church was told by a truck garage that their bus needed a $4,000 computer. After diagnosing the bus and checking it thoroughly, we found that all it needed was a 30-cent nut that was missing on the injection-pressure regulator. I had one on hand, so we replaced it, and now it runs like a new one. “. . . for without me

[God] ye can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

Anchor Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio, had a bus that they had just purchased, which was smoking a lot and lacking in power. We thought it needed a new injector, so we purchased one. When I was in the process of installing the new injector, I noticed that the rocker-arm was loose. It was not connected to the push-rod. They were not installed properly. We installed the push-rod correctly and adjusted it. It was fixed without spending a penny! When we returned the injector, we were praising the Lord for showing us the problem!

Call us at 219-689-0011 if you have any Bus Ministry needs at all. Please know that we are very grateful for your prayers. Your financial support is so appreciated. Thank you for partnering with us to “Keep the Buses Rolling” across our nation and to see many bus families’ lives changed for God.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm