Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  Public School OutreachWe pray that you all had a thankful Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy friends and family with great food and fellowship. We had the blessing to be able to be with friends here for Thanksgiving as well. Christmas is quickly approaching. Esther was excited to decorate and put up the tree, decorate it, etc. We are enjoying our “tropical Christmas” here, with the heat index being very loving this year. There are days when hot is just not a strong enough word to describe the weather. But God continues to be good to us, and for that we have no complaints.

Thank you to all who prayed for our election. The new president is John Magufuli. He is known for being a very hard worker. He hasn’t been in the office long, but he is already working to fight against waste and corruption throughout the country. It has been a blessing thus far.

We had the opportunity to start a new van route in an area called Chamweno. There are many, many people over there. We went out visiting, sharing the Gospel and inviting folks to come. We don’t bring many from there yet, but we are excited for the future and have faith that the Lord will continue to grow it.
The Bible is such a powerful Book. The words of the Lord are wonderful. It’s always an honor that I have the opportunity to preach it. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been saved, you can always get something from God’s Word. I have been doing a series in the book of Corinthians. It’s amazing what you can learn from the people of Corinth.

Bro. Dissi, who is one of our assistants at the church, teaches weekly at two public schools. As a fun activity for his students, he wanted to have a soccer match between the two rival schools. The head masters (principals) of the schools loved the idea and allowed the entire school plus teachers to attend and support their classmates. We had over 600 students and 7 teachers attend. We shared with them the Gospel, and 180 trusted Christ. We have a Teen Camp coming up January 5-8, so please pray that many of these same students will come to that and that they will start attending the Bible hour that is already at their school.

We wanted to thank everyone who sent us Thanksgiving cards and Christmas cards. We appreciate all the notes and gifts and all the encouragement. We felt so loved. We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mshama, Martha, and Esther Kinyonga