Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Major ChangesSince our last prayer letter, there have been some major changes. The couple that came to Poland from Pennsylvania decided that they would not work with us but go out on their own and begin an English-speaking church here in Warsaw. The church building was under construction for some months as a heating system was installed into the floor. Our church is much warmer now in the cold winter, which has arrived in Poland. We are enjoying a light dusting of snow and some negative temperatures, although it will probably get much colder in January and February.

Thanksgiving was a special time at Gospel Baptist Church in Warsaw. We had many in attendance, and we had a delicious turkey dinner, with pumpkin pie included. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Some had pumpkin pie for the first time, and they noticed it tasted spicy like their gingerbread. They were pleasantly surprised.

On Saturdays, the church soul-winning time has been going well. Several new men and ladies have joined us to pass out our tracts in the streets, witness in the parks, and talk to everyone who will listen. I met a lady named Maggie in the park. She is from Taiwan and has a Polish husband. After inviting her several times, she attended with her husband and small son. Then we had a young woman and her two small daughters from Idaho; the woman is Polish and had moved to America when she was eleven years old. She was visiting her grandmother, who lives near our church in Warsaw. She was told by another woman who had attended our church years ago that our church was the best doctrinally sound church in Warsaw. Praise the Lord that we have that reputation. We had a young man, who is a student from Africa, attend our service. A young man named Kristopher got saved after I witnessed to him on the street, and he has kept in contact with me. He is very willing to communicate with me about some of his hurts. He is presently traveling outside of Poland for his work. Pray that he will meet for Bible studies with me. It is nice to have visitors, but we desire people who want to join and fully be a part of the church.

If you sent funds to help the Ukrainian refugees, we want to share with you some of the things we have been able to do to help the Ukrainian people:

  • We have been able to provide temporary housing for Ukrainian families.
  • We have also provided work for other Ukrainians who needed to work and live here in Poland.
  • We provided private schooling for a family’s children.
  • We sent food and supplies to the border to help people still residing in Ukraine.
  • We helped organize transportation to take refugees seeking refuge outside of Poland.
  • We, along with some visiting groups, have given out literature. Behind our church were hundreds of Ukrainians standing in line daily for help from UNICEF. It was a point for distribution.
  • We had several come to our church after waiting in line at the local aid center.

Please pray that, if God wills, He will open the door to start a Ukrainian work. At least 20 new Ukrainian churches have started in Warsaw alone due to the refuges; one new Baptist church started just 100 meters around the corner from our church.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock