Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Field, Family, Furlough, and FundraiserOur Field

The field on which we serve is a difficult one in which Muslims outnumber Christians 99 to 1, yet our website keeps growing in its impact, and opportunities to share the Gospel seem to increase on a weekly basis. That said, people like us continue to be detained and, in some cases, deported. One of the four families currently serving our own team was just denied renewal of residency. Please pray fervently. We are doing everything we know to keep them here; but the clock is ticking, and it will take a miracle!

Our Family

I want to acknowledge my wife’s accomplishment as a homeschool mom—12 of our 16 children have now completed high school, and the remaining 4 are all well ahead of schedule. Our 3rd child recently gave birth to her 5th, bringing our grandchildren count up to 13. Our 11th child is moving to the U.S. next month. We will certainly miss her, especially her violin and piano playing. Please pray for our 2nd child, who heads next month, along with her husband and their three children, to serve the Lord in Africa.

Our Furlough

As many of you will recall, my family and I are planning our first extended furlough since leaving for this field 8½ years ago. Pray for all of the loose ends to be tied; in which case, we leave January 17 and will remain through late March. We are so looking forward to being with our children and grandchildren (some of whom we will be meeting for the first time). We are also looking forward to reporting in many of your churches. We expect to travel to at least eight states, and our itinerary is completely full.

Our Fundraiser

In my 36 years serving the Lord full-time, I have rarely asked for financial help. We recently did, however, with our “Help Them Hear” project, and you all responded above and beyond our expectations. We have just begun a Van Fund for Team Eurasia. Used vehicles are very expensive in Asia, and we could certainly use a large van. Not only do we transport people every Sunday, but we are always picking up people and their luggage at the airport. The little van my family currently drives often overheats when overloaded. If you or your church could contribute to this fund, we would be so appreciative; just designate your contribution “Van Fund.”

Thanks for all your help, friendship, and prayers.

Missionary #6501