Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Soul WinningThank you for your faithful prayers and support! Thank you for all of the recent cards, emails, gifts, etc.

Probably one of my favorite memories with my wife’s Grandpa P___ was going soul winning with him and a couple of my kids while he was in his upper 80s. He can no longer win souls because he (aged 93) is now in the presence of His Saviour. We are thankful for his positive example and generosity. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. May we run our own races well!

A productive way for us to witness has been to take our kids to parks in L___ D___, an area we have been targeting. The kids will usually give most people a tract and then play. We adults usually talk to the attending parents or grandparents. Sometimes they just want to chat, but oftentimes we are able to share the Gospel. I was able to share the Gospel with a guy who had been to a church (of some sort) but had never heard the Gospel.

E___ was one such guy, whom we had met at the park at different times. E___ spoke particularly good English, and he seemed to want to use it. I had started a men’s English Corner at a nearby McDonald’s on Friday evenings, but it never seemed to take off. However, one morning the Lord gave me an idea to do something different than doing language exchanges. This would enable me to use more Chinese, as opposed to using English primarily, and also capitalize on their cultural desire to help. The Lord used this to allow me to meet with several men who had otherwise been unwilling/able to meet. One of those men was named E___.

When I invited E___ to the Language Exchange, he accepted the invitation, and we met for around an hour. During that time, I was able to explain the Gospel, and it was exciting to see the light bulb start to come on. Please pray for him, as well as his wife and two young sons.

During the English Christmas activity at the local university back in December, we met a young man named M___ (age 17). He met with me several times, and one week I felt led to ask him again about his job. He said he didn’t currently have a job, so I offered him one. We began meeting for a couple of hours a day several days a week. This was a multipurpose time, with one of the main reasons being to get him the Gospel and hopefully disciple him eventually. I am thankful to the Lord for giving me wisdom in how to proceed; M___ has gotten the Gospel and the material. His grandpa had been deathly ill and eventually passed away. He is currently quite open but has yet to believe. Please pray that he will be saved and follow the Lord with his life.

S___ and I made a survey trip to H___ C___ on the eastern side of the island, and while we were there, I met and witnessed to a foreigner named N___ from St. Kitts and Nevis. Thankfully, he came to church as a visitor the next day. The religiosity he saw growing up is making him question and search. Please pray that he will trust only Jesus for salvation.

Please pray for more laborers to enter into the harvest! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! You all are the best, and we greatly appreciate your continuous kindness and love toward us. Keep up the good work in your place of service!

In His service,

Missionary #6011