Walter and Suni Poole Prayer Letter: Obeying the Lord's Command in Cambodia in Your SteadPlease forgive us for the long delay since our last prayer letter. We are so grateful for your support. The best way to show our gratefulness is simply to obey the Lord’s command in your stead here in Cambodia (Matthew 28:19-20).

We had a good Christmas and New Year’s season. Vish is from India. He has a tremendous heart for the children. He attends another church, but he joined us with his wife during our Christmas service. He sponsored gifts, which we handed out to the young people of our church.

In March, six of our members attended a tremendous conference organized by another missionary in Cambodia. The preaching, music, and testimonies were Christ-honoring, and I believe our members were challenged. It was good for them to be around other national believers with strong standards.

There have been three salvations recently which have encouraged us. I mentioned Sakana in a previous letter. He is a teen boy who has become one of our most enthusiastic regulars. From the beginning, he had a mind to listen, learn, and remember the Bible truths and stories. In fact, his spirit was often overly excited, making me wonder when he would be in a serious frame of mind, ready to soberly consider the most important news a person could hear. The day of salvation finally came when my daughter and I were driving him back from the conference. Baptism is the next step.

Kanya is an adult lady who met an American man. They were married in Cambodia, but he continues to live and work in the States while waiting for her paperwork to be approved so she can join him in America. He was so happy to find us and recommended that Kanya attend our church. My wife and I visited her in her house, and she agreed to call on the Lord. Baptism is also her next step.

There is a teen boy who has attended our church on and off for many years. While at his house, I met his uncle. Truthfully, although most adults are respectful to us as foreigners and allow us to present the Gospel, percentage-wise, few are ready to accept our message on the first meeting. Many will express their desire to see God help them in their daily lives, while blind to their need to repent of sin and trust Christ as the only true God, but thankfully, this man seemed to have a humble and hungry spirit. He called upon the Lord once at our first meeting. Recently, I met him again and was not completely satisfied with his understanding, so we reviewed the Gospel again so he could pray with full assurance. He has agreed to be baptized. I am looking forward to seeing these three, plus others, follow the Lord in baptism.

We are teaching the ukulele in church. It is a way to help us grow musically as a body of Christ. To be honest, I am teaching myself as well. It is quite easy and fun. In our services, my son plays the guitar, and my daughter plays the piano; but we want to get our members involved as well.

• Our children’s high school graduation is near; pray for future educational guidance.
• Jerusha has already completed high school but is too young for college; pray for wisdom.
• We live in a new area of the city with great potential for ministry; pray for fruit.


Walter Poole and Family