Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Overview of Our Ministry in GhanaI was asked recently, “What do you do in Ghana?” In a nutshell, I am an assistant pastor at a church that averages over 600. (Enough said, right?) We are fulfilling the Great Commission, but so many things must be done to connect teachers and preachers with those who need to hear them. (Try to notice this Sunday all the various jobs required for a successful church service.) Here are more details about what I do here in Ghana:

As a Christian

I spend at least two hours each morning in prayer and Bible study. I care for my family. Each week I enjoy a date with my lovely wife Maria. Recently she was sick, so I took a taxi to buy some KFC for our family. Praise the Lord! That day I won that taxi driver to Christ!

As a Missionary

I send out letters like this one to my supporters. I also prepare reports for those who support our team and for those who support our church-planting efforts. I oversee our team finances. Maria and I take care of our guest apartment and help host any guests we may have.

As an Assistant Pastor

My work here is under the wise, loving leadership of my team leader and pastor, Dr. Ted Speer. I disciple my staff, and together we accomplish much for the ministry. One staff member runs our finance office, another runs the church store, another coordinates our visitation, another maintains our Sunday school database, another does our purchasing; and we all make sure our church program runs effectively.

Sunday School

Our class has been averaging over 90. I pastor these precious people. I pray for them by name. I teach them. I visit the sick. I preach their funerals. I make sure our absentees are called and visited, as needed. I think about the spiritual needs of each. I give our class leaders lists of class members to influence for the Lord. I organize our class to win visitors to Christ and to disciple our regulars. A lady told me today that she started coming to our church because she sees the compassion our church has shown to one of our elderly class members.

Bible College

I schedule our classes and chapel speakers. I preach in chapel once per month. I teach. I keep up with the grades. My staff and I plan and organize our graduation services. We promote our college. This week I have been corresponding with a pastor in the Congo who desires to study here.

Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

I serve on the planning committee. I maintain the conference database (nearly 1,800 names), and I oversee the printing and distribution of promotional materials.

Other Administrative Responsibilities

We are working on a new church billboard. I help write our Sunday school lessons, and I prepare a weekly devotional guide for our church members. My office is organizing our church’s effort to raise money for the tiling of our auditorium.

Most updates I simply give God the glory for the increase He has given after I and many others have planted and watered. This month let me praise His name for allowing me to serve Him in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people and for allowing me to use the talents He gave me for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Your servant and His,

Mike Sarver