This month, I would like for you to meet or become reacquainted with Bernard Boakye. Bernard lives in the village of Adankwame which is about 7.7 miles from our church in Kumasi.

In April 2012, Richmond, Emmanuel, James, and I started soul winning there. (Richmond works on my staff, while Emmanuel and James have served in the Sunday school class which I teach.) Then starting in May 2012, after soul winning on Tuesday afternoons, we would hold a Bible study at 7 p.m. In September 2012, our church in Kumasi started a bus route so that the folks we were reaching in Adankwame could attend our church on Sunday mornings. Our Bible study continued until May 2013, and the bus route to Adankwame still runs every week, with Emmanuel as the bus captain.

Bernard and his friend Collins from Adankwame

Bernard and his friend Collins from Adankwame

Bernard Boakye was one of our first converts in Adankwame. He operates a successful “provisions shop,” which is a small, mom-and-pop store. Emmanuel met him one Tuesday evening and won him to Christ. Bernard would come to our Bible study on Tuesday evenings, as his business allowed. Eventually he came on a Sunday morning and was baptized at our church in Kumasi.

Now Bernard comes to church every Sunday morning and to some evening services, as his job allows. Bernard often joins us for soul winning on Saturday mornings. Monday night he came to visit with us in a neighborhood near our church. (Our church is having Friend Day on September 27. Please pray about that!)

God is using Bernard to help reach the village of Adankwame. He is quite an influential person in his village. He has brought many of his friends and family members to our church. Bernard’s wife Beatrice and their sons Blessing and Michael Sarver come to church every week. (That’s not a typo. They named their second child after me. In the nursery they call him “Sarver.”) Bernard’s grandmother, Margaret, is now a member of our church and attends regularly. Bernard’s friend, Collins Mensah, works for him at his shop. Collins comes faithfully on Sunday mornings and now attends on Wednesday nights. This past Sunday Bernard brought two first-time visitors from Adankwame.

Bernard Preaching to a Friend

Bernard from Adankwame witnesses to a prospect from his early morning preaching ministry.

One unique aspect of Bernard’s ministry in Adankwame is that he preaches over a bullhorn at 3:00 in the morning. Many Ghanaians in that village get up that early in the morning to prepare for a long day of work. They are more receptive to preaching at that time than you would think. Several weeks ago I was with Bernard when he shared the Gospel one-on-one with a prospect from his early morning preaching. (See picture on the right.)

Please pray for the village of Adankwame and that Bernard would continue to grow in grace. Keep praying for our family as well!

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

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