Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  God Gives the IncreasePraise the Lord for the great things He is doing in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa! How privileged we are to plant and water and to watch God give the increase.

Common Faith

The first half of 2017, our Sunday school class averaged 64, but now we are averaging 84! On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we had 100 and 98 adults in class respectively. Why the increase?

God is using the group leaders in my class; they have been diligent to keep up with those in their groups. Not only that, many in my class come from our church’s bus routes, so I thank the Lord for our church’s bus captains and bus workers. And then those who attend my class get to hear Pastor Speer’s excellent preaching and teaching, which established them in the faith; I praise God for Pastor Speer’s wisdom and leadership. To God be the glory!


Peter came to my office in August 2016 to inquire about our Bible college. I had the privilege of showing him from the Bible that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone. Peter trusted Christ, was baptized, and started attending my Sunday school class. His wife Alice was saved, baptized, and started attending as well. Here it is a year and a half later. Now Peter is in our Bible college, and he serves as our church’s visitation pastor. Peter also goes soul winning with me each Saturday.

Recently while visiting a church member, Peter met Awkasi Adusei and invited him to our church. Akwasi came for the first time on December 31 and was baptized; he came back on January 7. Peter and I have worked together to get several others from our class baptized recently.

Henry and Henrietta

Maria goes visiting every Thursday. During the Christmas Break, Kimberly Speer watched our younger kids, and Maria went out soul winning with our son John. That day they met twins: John won Henry to Christ, while Maria won his sister Henrietta. Maria has an appointment to witness to their mother next week; pray that she gets saved.

Prayer Requests

Pray that our Sunday school members would continue to grow in the Lord. Pray also for God to continue to send us the right students for our Bible college. We believe God is opening the door for our ministry to get on the TV here in West Africa; pray for that to become a reality very soon.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver