Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  You Are an EncouragementAs a missionary wanting to put a worthwhile update in your hand of the work here in Haiti, it is important to me that what I have to report really connects with you. I know that I don’t have to pretend to be king of the apes and try to bamboozle you with some distorted stories. I have wondered if Tarzan could get past his first encounter with amoebic dysentery. Anyway, you are an encouragement to me, and I would like to return the blessing.

For months our personal evangelism efforts have seemed to weaken, but we are working in rural areas where superstition has a strong grip on the general public. Our work in Bostaj is still going, but to say that 40 attend after 7 months of work doesn’t sound appealing . . . even to me. I have always been content with what God has done for me, but I don’t remember a day in my Christian life when I have been content with what I have done in service for Him. Nevertheless, since our last letter, we have seen 4 saved in the country and 13 saved at our Market Ministry in the city.

On December 23, three of our nine Bible college students finished their four years of studies. Three other students completed their course last spring. I believe that all six will graduate together in June. As I referenced in another letter, the men must have a high school degree, which is infrequent here.

Presently, we are teaching in one of our weeklong seminars that we open to the public. Our subject matter is hamartiology or the “doctrine of sin.” On January 15, we will start our second semester of regular college classes. The first four weeks, I will be teaching from Psalms and Proverbs.

Our holiday break went well, as we saw our 10th Christmas in Haiti—no snow then and none in the foreseeable future. We are very grateful for your support.


Keith and Theresa Baker