You may have heard the good advice, “Measure twice; cut once.” That is not only applicable within construction; the principle can apply to your EOMs too.

In the long run, it saves time and trouble to log into the FBMI website and download the most current EOM Form each month. Even if you already have a downloaded copy of the file, it is best practice to download it each month to make sure you are using the most current form.

We do let know you with an email each time we update the form, and we try to only update the form annually. However, our above recommendation is still the safest way to make sure you are using the most current EOM Form.

In case you have not done it before, when you log in, the website will automatically direct you to this address on our site: If you need help logging into the website, email us at, and it will be our pleasure to assist you.

After you log in, you will need to scroll down the page to the “Resources” section and click on the “Finance Forms” tab. You will find the orange EOM download button there. Here is a screenshot what that will look like.