This New Year is off to a great start. The spirit at the First Baptist Church of Hammond is amazing, with people being saved and baptized every week and with dozens of new converts being discipled weekly. Our FBMI staff is dedicated to making our services to you as professional and as personable as we possibly can. We have begun the spring semester at Hyles-Anderson College with five interns and a volunteer helping in our office. They will be assisting us at the same time that we are training them, so everyone benefits.

Here are a couple items of interest:

Candidate School | July 11-15

Please mark our 2016 Candidate School on your calendar. For the first time ever, Candidate School will run concurrently with Youth Conference. Candidate School will begin Monday evening, July 11, and continue until mid-day on Friday, July 15. Youth Conference will be Tuesday through Thursday. Having these two events at the same time will allow you to make a single trip in order to attend both. We will also have a program for younger children.

If you are in the United States during this week, either on deputation or furlough, you should plan on joining us for the five days of Candidate School. If you are permanently based in the States, let me encourage you to make the effort to come. Our format will be similar to last year, with many shorter sessions, a focus on practical teaching, and plenty of opportunities to share knowledge with other missionaries in forums and breaks. Last year’s Candidate School was a blessing to all, and this year promises to even better.

Email us at if you are considering attending or if you have any recommendations to share regarding Candidate School.

Prayer Letter Services


Let me remind you that our free proofing service is available to all of you. Mrs. Kim Marsack is employed by FBMI as a professional proofreader. All letters sent to will be proofread by her. You can also submit your letters for proofing through our website. Click here to learn how.

Current Services

Once you approve all changes, your prayer letters will be returned to you  and forwarded to our Prayer Letter Services to be printed and mailed out (unless you do that yourself). All letters are also automatically posted on your personal missionary page on, as well as posted on our social media sites, such as our Facebook page. This gives you tremendous exposure and will result in more people praying for you.

New Service

We have an exciting advancement to our Prayer Letter Services, which we believe you will find most helpful. It will be a big time saver and should help grow your prayer letter list. You will receive more details by the time I send my next Director’s Dispatch.

Feel free to comment on this post, and I will respond to you. As always, you may contact me with any comments or questions at, or call me direct at 219-718-0895.


Dr. Mark Bosje