Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: Guadalajara, Mexico, Trip!Looking at the map of México, the interstate highway connecting the country’s two biggest cities (Guadalajara in the west and Mexico City to the east) runs like a belt across Mexico’s heartland. What happens in this region obviously affects the entire country. Praise God for faithful missionaries and churches in these cities and for their efforts to reach Mexico with the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. They need our prayers and support, as this nation faces such difficult days.

Thank you for praying for the FBMI missions trip to Guadalajara. Here are some of the highlights:

= Direction of Our Joint Efforts =

Our team visited two church-planting missionaries and their churches on opposite extremes of the city:
1. Robert and Joy Murillo (Independent Baptist Church and Annabel de Vallejo Children’s Home)
2. Robert and Anny Wilson (Mount Calvary Baptist Church)

We served with veteran missionaries Chris Sage (church-planting ministry of Bro. Murillo’s church) and Darrell and Buffy Ratcliff (missionary evangelist) to help establish three brand-new churches in the states of Jalisco and Michoacán. In each case we spent about two days holding Bible Clubs and going soul winning and visiting, concluding with a rally where Bro. Ratcliff preached the Gospel.

= Results That Were Granted by God’s Grace =

1. Seven full days of personal soul winning, Bible Clubs, and rallies without accident or injury
2. Results: 3,248 different people reached with the Gospel and 2,125 public professions of faith
3. Sovereign protection for the team and host missionaries—for example, our departure was providentially delayed one morning. Later our caravan of vehicles passed the scene where the government had just fought a drug cartel at a ranch next to the road. Over 40 fatalities were reported.

= Please Continue to Pray =

1. For the three new churches and their pastors as they begin the follow-up work.
a. Pastor Carlos Hernández and his wife Aní in San Agustín, Zapopan, in the state of Jalisco
b. Pastor Jesus Hernández and his wife Marta in Angamacutiro in the state of Michoacán
c. Pastor Rodrigo Rodriguez and his wife Mari in Tizapán on the border of these states

2. For the faithful, veteran missionaries who provide ongoing leadership and resources for the work of reaching souls and multiplying churches in Mexico.

= Candidate School 2015 =

Returning from this trip, we hit the ground running with final preparations for Candidate School, which was held the first week of June. It is always a blessing to help train the new missionaries and to spend productive time with the veterans who return.

= Please Continue to Pray =

1. For the Lord’s direction and provision in the work.
2. For the Lord’s direction as we finalize plans for this fall’s missions conferences out West.
3. For our health, as we are dealing with a few concerns.
4. For fruitful soul winning and blessings in the ministry work this summer.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer