Team Ghana Update: A Growing Ministry in MonroviaMini-Conference in Monrovia:  I was invited by our Bible college graduate, Pastor George Menyon, to come to Liberia and teach his people and folks from other churches of like faith. I agreed, so the week after Thanksgiving, I had the privilege to teach about 50 wonderful Christian workers, 11 of whom were pastors. Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, but there is plenty of joy to be found! I am very pleased with the work Pastor Menyon is doing. He pastors a church that averages 200, he has a Bible college with 10 students, and he has started 9 churches. Every time I visit Pastor Menyon’s ministry, I am encouraged by the spiritual growth and stability which I find there.

Testimony From Pastor Menyon

Earlier in 2017, Pastor Menyon was able to travel to the U.S. to raise money for land and a building for his growing church. He gives this testimony:

During the Heart to Help Ministry Forum held at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, Pastor John Wilkerson allowed me to share my testimony and to present the needs of our ministry in Liberia. Many hearts were touched to help our work in Liberia. Through the conference, several thousand dollars were raised to help us purchase land and begin our building program.

Dr. Mark Bosje is the missions pastor at First Baptist and the director of FBMI. He helped connect me with several churches in Wisconsin and Minnesota, which donated for the same purpose. Several of these churches also decided to partner with us. Dr. Dean Noonan and the Faith Baptist Church of Greater Milwaukee were especially helpful to me. Not only did many of these churches give sacrificially to help us purchase the land and begin building, but they also took such good care of me during my visit to the States. I would like to let these churches know that I sincerely appreciate all they did for me personally and for our ministry in Liberia.

The land has now been purchased, and we will start building very soon. Pray with us for the completion of our building. Pray also that we will be able to start a church in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Let me extend my gratitude to these churches as well!

Team Family

Thank you for supporting our team families. The team family being featured this month is the Osgoods. I hope their latest prayer letter is a blessing to you.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader