This tutorial video will walk you through the process of submitting your prayer letters for proofing. We have also included the main steps in written outline form. If you have questions, you are welcome to make comments at the bottom of this post or email us at

You will also want to watch the following tutorial to learn how to finalize the process after your prayer letter has been proofreaded:

Tutorial: Reviewing and Submitting Your Proofed Prayer Letter for Publishing


Seven Steps to Submit Your Prayer Letters for Proofing:

Step #1: Click on the button “Create new prayer letter” and go to the new open tab in your browser.

Step #2: Write a title for your post, following the example format below.

Example Title – John Smith Prayer Letter: New Church Plant!

Step #3: Upload your editable prayer letter file, i.e., Word Document, to the location which says “Upload Prayer Letter for Proofing.”

*Uploading pre-formatted prayer letters with text, images, and captions on your e-letterhead may speed up the entire process. Consider formatting your prayer letters as such before uploading them to be proofed and published.

Step #4: Update “Proofing Status” by selecting the “Proofreading” option.

Step #5: Click the “Submit for Review” button and wait for the proofreader to get back with you through the website.

*Our proofreader will not know your post is ready for proofreading until you have submitted it for review. Only save your post as a “draft” if you are not yet ready for the proofreader to proof it.

Step #6: Review a preview of your post.

*After receiving an email from with an update on the status of your post, click on the link in the bottom of the email labeled “View.” Clicking on the link will open a preview of your post in your browser for you to review.

Step #7: Submit your post to be published.

*If you are logged in, you can click the “Edit Post” link in the left side of the top black “admin bar” in order to update the post’s status. Then, change the proofing status to “publish” and click the “Submit for Review” button one last time to let our proofreader know your post is approved to be published. If changes are needing made to the post, write an “editorial comment” to the proofreader at the bottom of the post and communicate until the post is ready for you to submit for publishing. (For instructions, watch the video tutorial on Using Editorial Comments with the Proofreader.

Note: Prayer letter mailing and emailing services will be begin after your prayer letter is submitted to be published.