The question is, Why a DSLR? I would suggest the DSLR for many different reasons. First, the cost for the DSLR for the quality of video is very low. The form factor, the fact that it is a small, compact piece of equipment is wonderful, especially on the mission field. We are able to video and take pictures at the same time. It’s back and forth—you can video, you can take pictures. And then it’s also not intimidating to people, to where they’re not feeling like they’re being exploited. While at the same time, we’re able to document the ministry and what God is doing here, and many times the people don’t even realize that we are videoing. So it’s a wonderful tool to get good video without looking like we’re recoding people and services or out in the ministry opportunities, soul winning and things of that nature.

So it’s the cost, the small form factor, the fact that you can take pictures and video on the fly, both interchangeably, as well as the quality of lenses that come with these cameras. If you’re willing to, even with the base lenses, you get can get wonderful video, and then if you’re willing to spend a little more on different prime lenses, you can get that quality video look with the depth of field for a very low-cost price; whereas a digital video camera, whose sole purpose is to video with the ability to zoom and things of that nature, is many times way out of a missionary’s price range. I believe that the DSLR is a wonderful tool that God can use in our ministries to present our burden of the mission field to others.