Jerry and Rachel Wyatt III Prayer Letter: A Divine AppointmentSalvation Story

A father stopped by our church and was wondering if his son Joel could play soccer along with our church boys. Of course, I said, “Yes.” It was early Saturday morning and a few minutes until we started our boys’ character class, which I teach every week. When it was time to start, all the boys, along with Joel, came into class. This particular week, I was teaching the boys about being a Gospel witness. I went through the plan of salvation while explaining different details that they should remember. At the end, I had each of the boys partner up with each other to practice witnessing. When class was finished, Derik raised his hand and shared with us that Joel had trusted Christ “for real.” What an amazing divine appointment!


What a wonderful Teen Camp we had this year! With over 60 campers from our Swahili and English ministries, the spirit was excellent. Our theme was “Go Light Your World,” and we encouraged the teenagers to be a light in this dark world. Please pray that these teenagers will follow through with the many decisions that they made during camp.


Our Easter services started with the annual English Easter Service. This is always a special time for the English-speaking community in our city. The Swahili services followed. What a blessing to worship our risen Saviour together! We were blessed to see 7 baptized in the services as well.

Building Faith

Construction continues to move forward with Building Faith, Stage 2. We have just about finished the foundation. It is the rainy season here, so the building process has been slowed a bit, and it can be challenging to move forward. Please continue to pray that all will go smoothly.

Special Days

In April, we held “Elderly Sunday.” Elderly people are greatly respected here in Tanzania, and it was a blessing to see the building full, with extra chairs needing to be set out as people brought their parents and grandparents to be honored on this Sunday. Special gifts and honor were given to the 83 elderly who attended the services.

Upcoming Crusade

Please begin to help us pray for the annual Tanzanian Stadium Crusade here in Morogoro. Pray for people to attend, and pray that they would come with hearts ready to receive the Gospel. Pray for the groups from the States who will be coming to help us run the crusade. We can see the Devil fighting, but we know that, with the prayers of God’s people, God will receive great glory from this event.

Special Prayer Request

The time has come again for us to renew our visas allowing us to remain in the country. Please pray for this process, as it has been a challenge in the past. We are trusting that God will open the door for our visa to be renewed without issue, and we appreciate your prayers in this matter.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt