Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Change of PlansRecent events have unfolded that could easily lead to great anxiety; however, our family, by God’s grace, is filled with steadfast faith. While some may turn to prayers for peace and strength in such times, we stand with eager anticipation, ready to witness God’s imminent and powerful work in our country. Just as George Müller once faced an empty pantry with a smile of faith, we, too, smiled when instructed to leave the country within 10 days.

Following the advice of the Immigration Office, we were assured that exiting the country within the 10 days would allow us to reenter on a 90-day tourist visa. However, upon our arrival at the border, officials demanded a substantial fine, threatening a 5-year ban if not paid. With insufficient cash on hand, we fully utilized our credit and debit resources. By God’s providence, the exact amount needed was miraculously met by the funds we could gather. Consequently, our tourist visa was unexpectedly shortened to just 37 days, compelling us to reschedule our furlough to early June.

It seems that residency in this country is becoming a privilege reserved for those with considerable financial means. The constant shifting sands of the Immigration Department make the ministry here a constant challenge for stability. Our spirits tire from searching for solutions, yet we are comforted knowing that God charts our course. If His plan involves our serving in two countries, alternating every 90 days, we are prepared to raise additional support Stateside to make it possible.

Moreover, we are exploring other investment avenues to establish a more permanent presence, but we are keen to return to the field without undue delay. This country urgently needs a lasting solution, and we covet your prayers for God to pave a way. Our plan is to take the next two years to raise money for a building.

Satan fiercely guards his stronghold here, aware of the potential for the Gospel to ignite a spiritual revival throughout the Muslim world. In the Middle East, God has been drawing many to Christ, but the harvest suffers from a lack of laborers. Like-minded teachers and pastors are scarce, and new believers need sound doctrine to resist cults and false teachings. The people themselves are open, but the constant turnover of missionaries hampers any progress. Nonetheless, we see a profound opportunity to establish a lasting ministry here—a lighthouse for the region and a training ground for future leaders.

In our three years of service in here, we have witnessed the mighty hand of God actively dismantling Satan’s strongholds. He has graciously allowed us to contribute to this spiritual battle by collaborating in the publication of an accurate translation of the Bible in their language. This pivotal work is breaking new ground, enabling the Word of God to speak directly and powerfully to the hearts of the people.

Furthermore, God has blessed us with the opportunity to forge deep relationships within the community. These connections have not only enriched our lives but have also opened doors for innovative approaches to share the Gospel in ways that resonate uniquely with their mindset. Through these efforts, we are overjoyed to report a tangible increase in spiritual fruit—souls are coming to Christ, and new believers are growing through discipleship, all made possible by your faithful support.

However, just as our ministry begins to flourish, the reality of our circumstances casts a shadow over this progress. Many missionaries, including our own family, are now confronting the threat of expulsion, as the government has started revoking visas. This development challenges our continued presence here, but it also underscores the urgency and importance of our mission to this spiritually hungry land.

While such extensive fundraising would not have been our desire, we see now how God could use this to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to the people here and, more importantly, to give them a chance at long-lasting perpetuity, which otherwise seems impossible.

This is a crucial time to pray for more laborers in this field! If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please contact me.

Missionary #6506