Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Bible College GraduationWhat a joy it is for me to help our team leader, Dr. Ted Speer, oversee our Bible college, Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. Our Bible college has been training Africans to serve Christ for 10 years now. In February, we awarded diplomas to these 6 men, which brings our total number of graduates to 75:

Kingsley Addai Gyasi

Brother Kingsley was reached by our church. He has brought new energy to our school ministry and has started our “information center” ministry. Many neighborhoods have a loud speaker or public-address system installed; these are called “information centers.” Like with TV and radio, airtime can be purchased. Brother Kingsley organizes our staff and church members to preach over the intercoms in two local neighborhoods. He has a desire to one day start a church.

Nicholas Ansah

Brother Nicholas came to our Bible college from Berean Baptist Church in Takoradi, Western Region, pastored by Ben Epton. He now helps his home church with evangelism and church planting. He has a great desire to win souls and to train others to do the same thing.

Otchere Boachie

Brother Otchere came to our church in 2011 to enquire about our Bible college. Here he heard the truth about salvation. He is a great soul winner and brings many visitors to church. He serves our church as an evangelist, helping to build our church and to strengthen our church plants.

Isaac Boateng

Brother Isaac was sent to us by our graduate, Pastor Solomon Lamptey, who pastors the Berean Baptist Church of Larbebiakorshie, Accra. He just completed his diploma with us and hopes to continue with his bachelor’s degree. He also has plans of starting a church one day.

John Carr

John Carr sought for salvation at the Methodist Church, the Lodge of Mystics, Eckantar, and at the Church of God, but he did not find it. Instead, God allowed our graduate, Pastor Isaac Kwaw, to meet him and win him to Christ. Pastor Kwaw pastors Bible Baptist Church in Obuasi. Brother Carr started going soul winning with Pastor Kwaw, joined his church, and came with Pastor Kwaw to our Bible college. Brother Carr intends to win more souls for his church and to plant a church at nearby Pomposa.

Isaac Otwey

Pastor Otwey received his master’s degree. He pastors New Life Baptist Church in the Central Region. He travels to Kumasi and teaches a class in our Bible college each month. This very capable servant hopes to serve as a missionary to a country like Botswana or Malawi.

Graduation Photo Album:  tinyurl.com/HACWA2018Feb

Prayer Requests

Pray for each of these men and their families as they continue to serve Christ. Pray that God will send us many more students like them. And pray for God to use our family for His glory. Thank you very much for your support for the work here.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver

February 2018 Graduations of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa

February 2018 Graduations of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa