thumbnail of Mike Sarver January 2023 Prayer LetterWe are three Sundays into 2023. This evening, I was looking over the names of the 146 people who have attended our Sunday school class at least once this year. Some of these precious souls are in the class picture below, which was taken back in December. Each one has a story; every one of them has needs. Let me tell you about some of them so that you may join us in praying for them. In our class, we have . . .

• 2 who are caring for elderly parents.
• 2 who are crippled.
• 17 who are faithful to our evening services.
• 15 who are faithful to soul winning.
• 4 who are in our Bible college.
• 15 who are newcomers.
• 5 who are widows
• 3 who are with child.
• 7 who constantly miss church due to health issues.
• 4 who got married in 2022.
• 7 who have returned after an extended absence.
• 1 who is a retired pastor.
• 1 who is blind.
• 4 who just had a baby.
• 1 who lost a baby recently.
• 3 who lost a loved one recently.
• 4 who struggle even to pay for transportation to come to church.
• 9 who teach in our Christian school.
• 1 who was baptized this past Sunday.
• 3 who were reached by our TV ministry.
• 2 whose house was recently burglarized.

Prayer Requests

Pray for these who are in need. Pray for all of our class members to grow in grace. Specifically, pray that they will know God’s will and do it. Pray for one young man who just quit his job selling alcohol because he knew it displeased the Lord and it was preventing him from being faithful to our services. Pray for another young man who desires to serve God but believes his job is hindering him from doing so. Pray for one lady who sells porridge for a living; she gets the most sales on Sundays. Pray that she will trust God and do right. Pray for more of our class members to be soul winners; we need more laborers for the harvest!

Also, please pray for our family, as we are planning to be in the States on furlough for June and July. Pray that God guides and directs as we plan our schedule. For our previous furloughs, God graciously provided the perfect van for our transportation, but this time that van is not available. Please pray that God would provide the right vehicle for our transportation once again! Pray also for our son John. He will be enrolling in Bible college this summer. (Pray for us; this will be difficult!) We look forward to seeing God guide and provide for John as He has done for us these many years.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben