Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Bible College BlessingsI thank God for Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. What a privilege it is to help Pastor Speer oversee our Bible college. Here are some recent blessings from this ministry:

• In January, we had two new students, Simon and Joe. Both are members of our church. Both signed up to take the class “Doctrine of Salvation.” Brother Joe enrolled again this month. He desires to start a church in his home country of Liberia and then to help establish churches in other countries as well.

• God brought us two more new students this month. One of our students, Abraham Oppong, lives and works in the capital city of Accra and travels here just for one week of classes at a time. This month, he brought his friend Kofi to enroll in classes with him. Also, our graduate, Pastor Gyasi Boateng, reached a street preacher named Akwasi Paul. Akwasi was preaching salvation by works, but Pastor Gyasi convinced him from the Scripture that we have salvation by grace through faith. Akwasi desires to be better equipped to preach the Gospel. He is 72 years old!

• Also this month, two students re-enrolled after being away from the college for several years. Baba was last in school 10 years ago! (It really seems like just a few days ago.) He had moved to another region to work, but now he is back in Kumasi. He hopes to be trained and then take the good news back to the area where he was staying. He is also back in my Sunday school class and brought a visitor with him this past Sunday. Hayford also re-enrolled. He attends Fundamental Baptist Church of Petrensa, which is pastored by one of our students, Pastor Isaac Owusu Ansah. Hayford is coming back for additional training so that he can help with a new church plant.

• Each month, our students share good news about their recent converts as they fill out their activity reports. Here are a few of their testimonies:

o The same Hayford wrote, “I have been witnessing to many people at my workplace in the city, and many have accepted the Gospel message. But because [the distance] to my church at Petrensa is far, they could not join our fellowship. But I do know, without doubt and uncertainty, that they are in the faith.”

o Abraham (mentioned above) wrote, “Madam Asantewaah was very much glad when the Gospel was explained to her, which she received and came to church the next day.”

o Zomie reported, “I witnessed to Joseph, and he accepted Christ. He also got baptized. Praise the Lord.”

o Pastor Haruna testified, “Yakubu is one of the young men I met. He was a Muslim, believing on his good works to get him to Heaven, but after he heard the Gospel, he believed and started attending our church.”

o Antony wrote, “I witnessed to three people at the university, and they put their faith in Jesus Christ.”

Prayer Requests

Please pray that God would help us prepare our students to serve Him well. Pray also for God to continue to bless our Bible college with more students who have a desire to help us reach this world for Christ.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben