Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Vacation Bible SchoolsDear Pastors and Supporting Friends,

Schools in the area were on a four-week Christmas break, and we took advantage of the opportunity by conducting Vacation Bible Schools. Because our winters see temperatures in the 80s, with little or no precipitation, we had delightful services resulting in the salvation of 38 young people.

I mentioned in our last letter about some of the unrest Haiti has experienced in recent months. As we happened to come back from Cap Haitien on January 7, we were stopped by highwaymen who demanded money or suffer whatever consequences they had in mind. I only paid one hundred Haitian dollars, which is equivalent to about thirteen U.S. dollars. They set up these out-of-the-way roadblocks and levy monies against every passerby. I never really felt we were risking bodily harm, but neither did I feel like playing Devil’s advocate.

By the time you receive this, the second semester in our Bible college will have commenced. I will be teaching Psalms, Proverbs, and anthropology. Our Saturday morning Bible college functions in six-week modules and is entirely separate from our weekday school.

Theresa and Kara continue to do well. Their junior class on Sundays has reached numbers over 100 for several weeks lately.

Thank you for your faithful support and encouragement.


Keith, Theresa, & Kara