Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  Preparing for Pastors' ConferenceDear Friends,

One of the most gratifying and enjoyable things we can do is to count God´s blessing every day. When you start thanking Him for Who He is and for what He does for you, there is no end to the list. There are so many obvious blessings that are often overlooked. There are others that surprise you and are unexpected. Last Sunday was one of those occasions.

We are preparing feverishly for a pastors’ conference that will be hosted by our church in Santa Ana on the 2nd of December. One of the things we are preparing is the special music. Our church people are not musically gifted people, but their hearts sing praises to the Lord. They have worked diligently in preparation for eleven special songs. In preparation for them, I decided to have a pre-conference musical program in church last Sunday. As each group of singers went forward, they introduced themselves before they sang. Over twenty men, women, and young people walked up to that platform and sang eleven different songs. As the last one was being sung, I was overwhelmed by their voices which spoke of the need to “preach the Word,” and I was struck by the fact that the preaching of the Word was what had brought each one of them to that place in their lives. These are lives that come from broken homes, broken marriages, repaired marriages, and orphaned homes, lives that served the Devil for decades and now serve God almighty. How great God is to allow us to have a part in preaching His Word!

We are on the eve of this pastors´ conference, where dozens of men will be challenged to continue preaching the Word. Will you please take the time to pray for each detail and aspect of this meeting? Will you please take the time to pray for the hearts of the men coming to this conference to be stirred and lit with the fire of the power of the Holy Spirit as they continue to preach the Word?

Your prayers sustain us. Your financial support enables us. Please know that we appreciate your sacrifice and use it for the cause of Christ. We love you and pray for you.

Thank you for praying for us,

Henry Gonzalez