John Hays Prayer Letter: Testimony from NepalJesus is pouring out mercy on many on three continents! Two hundred sixty-four water-treatment systems, as II Kings 2:21 describes, are being distributed to villages in Nepal, Peru, and the DRC (the Congo) in September and October 2023.

This year, we have given out 2,500 Old Testament water-treatment systems, resulting in 29 church plants! This benefits an average of 500 people per village and amounts to over 1 million people getting the Gospel, along with getting their water treated. Only God knows the exact number of new believers that have been reached because of this.

Testimonies come in daily. I will share one from Nepal. I’ve worked with John and Vi for many years, and his testimony is representative of Pure Water worldwide.

John and his wife Vi report . . .

The end of summer has also seen increasing incidents of violence against Christ-followers, particularly along the southern Nepal-India border, including the “closed” area where we had seen success in the spring. The existence of increasing persecution of Christ-followers is all the more reason that Vi and I are eager to return to Nepal to equip our new friends with tools to invest effectively in their communities with God’s grace and peace, building favor while the days allow it and sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus in ways appropriate to the local culture, though the Lord Jesus does tell us to expect persecution.
Our plan is to return to facilitate cross-cultural training, primarily for our friends in the previously “closed” area. In addition to continuing to pursue access to communities in the previously “closed” area, we also hope to increase the expansion of the Pure Water ministry in other areas of Nepal, where it has been more firmly established and welcomed.

Through water-treatment systems, we’re servicing 332 villages at last count. Depending on water quality/season, the minimum service capacity is 500 persons per unit (166,000 persons). A good percentage of the engagements are Christians blessing their non-Christian neighbors, reducing incidences of sickness, increasing nutrition uptake, and just generally being a weekly blessing/presence of God’s care in their neighbors’ lives.

You are a blessing to these beautiful people who struggle to live each day. Your love, provision, and prayers bring them hope, faith, and motivation. Thanks be to God for bringing us together in this mission!

THE WATER QUALITY IS BAD! The continuing need for water disinfection is a combination of poor fecal waste management, shallow wells, and poor household water-storage and hygiene practices.

Yours, in the grace and peace of God, through Jesus Christ, with love,

John & Vi

Please pray for more open doors worldwide, for funding, and for all of the perfect will of Jesus to be accomplished—ALL for His glory!

His water boy,

John Hays

PS. We are short $10,000 for systems for Pakistan, Congo, and Peru.