Eddie and Misty Wilson Prayer Letter: Incredible Updates for CMI and Impact Others!I am excited to share with you some incredible updates from Christian Media International and Impact Others. There are so many exciting things happening that we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

We recently completed the TV studio in India, and the Indian people have already started recording in the studio. We will be recording up to eight different languages that we are currently not reaching. It’s truly exciting! Additionally, we are in the initial stages of assisting Ted Speer in Ghana to finish the studio there. Once the building is ready, our team will complete the inside. Bro. Speer is already on TV, but with the studio, we can air more broadcasts.

We are thrilled to announce that we have confirmed over 6,390 individuals who have received Christ. With media, there are likely many more, but these are confirmed with accurate data. Out of the total number of salvations, 800 were from a 30-day crusade held by our partner in Guyana.

Regarding Impact Others, we have been working on some new projects, and we wanted to highlight a couple from this quarter. So far this quarter, Impact Others has helped 6,712 individuals!


We just had a three-day fundraiser to raise $12,000 to help our partner in Guyana open a children’s farm that will be able to feed the children in the feeding center.


We have completed another water borehole, and the following is the construction’s outcome. We had 22 people saved during the construction process. We are seeing people getting saved, if not daily at least weekly, who are coming to fetch water. “Today this Muslim lady got saved because of our borehole in Kunsu. Recently, she started coming to fetch water on our property, and I told her that one day we would come and share the Word of God with her. By the grace of God, we were able to follow up with her, and she trusted Christ alone for her salvation.”

We are grateful for your continued support and generosity. Only Heaven will tell the impact your giving has made. Thank you so much!

Eddie Wilson

Prayer Requests from Some of Our Featured Partners

• Pakistan – Amir Shahbaz Bhatti
o Please pray for Pakistan Christians and churches for safety. Please pray—so many young Christian girls are kidnapped and raped, and
we are trying to help them. Please pray for our pastors’ safety; they are risking their lives for the Gospel’s sake.
• Turkey – Michael Germi
o Pray for more hungry people to come to our feeding center to be able to get fed and hear the Gospel.