John Hays Prayer Letter: Mother's DayAs we look back to Mother’s Day this past weekend, we wanted to say a quick thank you to you for your part in saving lives with purified water.

One of the most moving stories we have heard back from the field comes to mind. A young couple in Africa was struggling to conceive, and after many years of no success, they had lost all hope. Unknown to them, the poor water conditions in their village were prohibiting the young woman’s body from having children.

Pure Water for All Foundation came to her village and treated the water. Shortly after they treated the water, she was able to conceive. Not only was the woman’s health improved greatly, but she was able to now fulfill a long-desired dream of hers to be a mother. Through this testimony, many more people in her village were able to hear the message of the Gospel, as well as receive the benefits of having access to pure water.

This is just one of the amazing stories we hear back from our teams regularly.

Thank you for your part in making Mother’s Day a time of celebration for those who would have otherwise not been able to experience this beautiful gift.

With gratitude,

John Hays
God’s Water Boy

FBMI Missionary John Hays/Hays Pure Water Prayer Letter Picture

Couple able to have children after water was treated