Jeremy Snipes Prayer Letter:  Amazing Missions ConferenceWhat a joy it is to serve missionaries all over the world as I base out of Northwest Indiana! It is a privilege to help encourage missionaries to stay on the field, help them with services from the FBMI office, and train future missionaries at Hyles-Anderson College. Please pray with me as we pray for laborers, train laborers, and encourage laborers.

What a wonderful missions conference we had here at First Baptist Church of Hammond! We had night services at the church, as well as day services at the college. I sure enjoyed helping in the conference, as we were inspired to reach farther with the Gospel. Having 13 missionary families here made the week very memorable.

Let me tell you about this past weekend. First of all, on Saturday Otis was just raking leaves in his yard. Our daughter Katie and I gave him the Gospel, and he, as a 70-year-old man, trusted Christ as Saviour. He was also looking for a church, so please pray as we follow up in the coming days.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Sunday, and God blessed the adult class I teach in a supernatural way. It started out slowly numerically; then people started coming in. We ended up having 7 first-time visitors and 5 others who had not been in class since last year. Four of the guests were family members (mom, aunt, brother, and sister) of an adult in the class. One was a guest from four hours away in Michigan, and 2 came from a bus route. Luis and Maira, who were from the bus route, had already gotten saved but followed the Lord in baptism after the morning service. An added blessing is that a daughter from one of the faithful families in the class got saved during the invitation on Sunday morning. What a day!!!

Please continue to pray with us as we reach souls in our local community and disciple them. Also, pray that we will continue to be a help to missionaries as they serve the Lord on deputation or on the field. Lastly, pray that God will give me wisdom as I work with others to train the next generation of missionaries at Hyles-Anderson College.

Thank you for your love and prayers as we work in His field!

For His glory,

Jeremy Snipes