Daniel and Rachel Solt Prayer Letter: We Have Reached 40% of Our Needed Support!God is so good! Here is a recap of our busy August. After our trip to England, we flew into Orlando to be with Bible Baptist Church in Brunswick, Georgia. It was such an honor to present and preach their Wednesday night service. From Georgia, we flew back to Chicago to pick up our car. After a few days of repacking, we hit the road to Michigan to be with Pastor Frey and Cathro Community Baptist Church for Sunday services. This church was already an encouragement to us before we arrived, and it was amazing to finally meet them! From Michigan, we continued our travels out East. Over the next two weeks, we were blessed to present our ministry in five churches in the New England region.

An extra special highlight during this time was to be in churches that are now pastored by fellow classmates from Hyles-Anderson College. Pastor Dan Kaighen Jr. serves at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Norwalk, Connecticut. He was voted into the pastorate after his father, Dan Kaighen Sr., was called into full-time missions. We were privileged to spend an entire Sunday with this church, and their energy and excitement for the work of the Lord is evident! The second church was Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Willingboro, New Jersey, pastored by Philip Middleton. Bro. Phil and I worked together in secular work and in ministries while in college. He was called to take over the pastorate last summer, and God is surely blessing them. Being around these young men and their families was refreshing and encouraging as we all seek to serve the Saviour!

Soul Report

The weather in August has been amazing during our times out soul winning! We have had many Gospel-focused conversations, along with handing out tracts. The testimony this month didn’t come while we were out on a scheduled soul-winning time; instead, it was during an appointment at the eye doctor in Sam’s Club. My optometrist, Abdullah, and I struck up a conversation during my eye exam, which turned into a lengthy talk concerning Creation and the evidence of our Creator. Abdullah showed an openness, and I was able to share the Gospel with him. He commented to me that he had been struck by the amazing detail of the human eye and had come to the belief that life could not have happened accidentally. I gave him a tract, and I ask that you pray for his salvation.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we near our one-year mark of full-time ministry! God has blessed mightily, and we praise Him for 40% support! Our schedule is ramping up for the rest of the year, with meetings scheduled in 21 different states. Included in this letter is a QR code, which will lead you to our August Vacation Bible School Update Video. God is answering your prayers! Glory to His name!

Ruby’s Adventures

Ruby has found a love for coloring! Coloring is what got her through the nine-hour flight between Manchester and Orlando. Coloring helps distract her from Daddy’s long conversations while we are out to eat. Water pens, magic pens, and crayons have become a must have in the diaper bag! Here she is coloring with Grandpa,

May our lives glorify Him,

Daniel, Rachel, and Ruby Solt