Chris and Viry Sage Prayer Letter: Support Raised for First New Church-Planting TeamThank you very much for your prayers with our new married life, the church planting in Mexico, and visiting churches in the United States again.

The Lord has given us some wonderful meetings recently. He has also given us some new supporting churches and individuals. My support level went from 100% to 75% when Viry said “I do.” It has been a challenge for her to visit churches in the USA, as she is so given to soul winning, visiting, ladies’ Bible studies, discipleship, and ministry; but she is a great wife and has not complained. She is adjusting well and always has a happy, contented spirit. I am glad that she has also been able to meet some of the most important people and churches in my life. We will return to Mexico on November 28.

Last year, because of the generosity of some of you, the Lord provided a good ministry van, and now He is also providing for some important ministry expenses along the way. The finances for a team of workers for three months are substantial, with food and lodging among other things, but the Lord put it on the heart of one of our supporting churches to take care of most of the first team this coming summer. He put it on the heart of another supporting church and businessman to help with start-up costs to work out some of the logistical concerns of such a team. By the grace of God and your prayers, a group of five to ten people soul winning and visiting for eight hours a day for five to six days a week will help many come to the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and be a great help to the new church plants in their becoming autonomous and independent much sooner than they would otherwise. It is amazing to see Him putting it all together!

By the grace of God, we have been able to go soul winning every day and see some good decisions for the Lord Jesus. Organized soul-winning groups and times are usually fruitful. We arrived on Saturday evening for a meeting with a supporting church in a small town. We were surprised to find many Spanish-speaking people there and see many decisions made. In another meeting with a supporting church, the Lord gave us two first-time visitors on Sunday morning. Another highlight was seeing a 96-year-old man receive Christ as His Saviour while driving through an area from one meeting to another.

Prayer Requests

1. The Lord to put our lives together in marriage and ministry
2. New supporting churches
3. To be a blessing to the churches along the way
4. The hand of God upon the church planting in Mexico

Yours for souls,

Chris and Viry Sage
Missionaries to Mexico