Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  God Gives A Record Attendance And Changes LivesGOD GIVES A RECORD ATTENDANCE AND CHANGES LIVES

The Karen-speaking Sunday school class experienced another record attendance of 72 souls, desirous to learn the Bible. This year lessons titled “Little People in the Bible” are being taught to encourage learning and growth. So much can be extracted from these shorter passages, explaining the life of an individual. Our class members listen and participate well.

Every week we sing, have a group prayer time, focus on Scripture to memorize, and take time to thank the Lord. We also have a fun and relaxing interview time where we interview two different members and ask them for personal prayer requests. The other students and the teacher learn so much about our people through this time. It makes for a special “family feel” environment.

We have learned that many of our members go months and years without seeing their immediate families, given their work in Thailand and their family homes in Burma. Also, many stories have been shared about how God has protected them from difficult situations. Some situations involved persecutions because of their faith. Please continue to pray for our dear Karen people. They are such strong examples in their love for God and love for others.
Another blessing we received was our visit to the Takua Pa church that was started shortly after the 2004 tsunami.

A Thai friend and pastor, Pitak Jomhong, started this church and evangelized the area to help this battered community. One of the families reached was the Pong family. The Pong family were devout Buddhists, but because of the tsunami, they found God. When Pitak Jomhong moved to Bangkok to begin a new church in late 2013, Mr. Pong became the pastor. Mr. Pong shared the story of how he ran up the hill to escape the giant wave. Sadly, many of his friends and family did not make it. Today he loves God, loves people, and is faithful to the pastorate. Please pray that the needs of the Pong family and of the church will be well cared for.

Thank you all very much for your prayers and for the provision to carry out the work here. When we count our blessings, we realize that so many of those blessings are channeled through you.

Chad Inman and Family