Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Victories - Salvations and GrowthThank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragements over the last several weeks. Great things have been happening here! Though faced with challenges, through God’s power and your prayer, we have seen incredible victories take place. Victories of salvations and Christian growth have come through personal soul winning, a multi-meeting Bible Club initiative, and Jerusalem Month (focus on bringing visitors). Victories also came through generous, Godly giving towards the Nong Phlap church land fund, as we come yet closer to a purchase. Challenges came with weather and sicknesses, affecting many on our team, church members, children, etc. However, through God’s grace and through helping and encouraging one another, most have recovered or shown great improvement during these busy times. My dear wife Sarah has been slowly overcoming a couple of months’ worth of chronic headaches, pains, and weaknesses, all pointing towards a fatigue sickness. Two other ladies in the Nong Phlap church have had a similar illness, lasting two to three months. Sarah prefers to be involved in all of our church events and has had to learn patience and peace as she receives God’s healing. I thank our Thailand Team and many church members for their help, understanding, encouragements, and prayers in her recovery. Sarah and I would so much appreciate your prayers! She has handled this well and has made great progress over the last eight weeks. We thank our precious Lord for the healing as we go day by day.

Personal Soul Winning

The Gospel has been given one on one to many people in the Hua Hin and Nong Phlap areas. Twenty-five salvations took place as a result of personal soul winning. God is great!

Bible Clubs

Bro. Mark Holmes, Missionary to Nigeria, came to train our team to do a Bible Club program here, utilizing many elements of the SMITE (Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism) program. Bro. Holmes and his family gave a three-day seminar to everyone who was involved in putting on the Bible Clubs, which included many members of both Thailand churches. Five clubs in five locations took place Monday through Friday morning. God perfectly held off the seasonal rains across all five areas, so all could hear the Gospel and learn Bible lessons, memorize Scripture verses, and hear exciting missionary stories. Bro. Tim Shook and I were on the same team, which was a great blessing. My three kids went to all of the Bible Club training for the three days, plus visited, attended, and helped in all five days of the Bible Clubs. The Shook and Inman families visited and invited many nearby who did come. Our particular club had between 35 and 110 attending each morning, totaling 70 salvations of both adults and children, over the course of the week. With four other club locations, the attendance numbers and salvations tallied to a “Praise the Lord” high number. The Bible Clubs are a fruitful, productive, sweet-spirited program, teaching many of our young and new-church-member volunteers how to be involved, give the Gospel, lead music, and learn presentation and organizational skills. It is certainly a program we hope to repeat in coming years.

Jerusalem Month

International Baptist Church of Nong Phlap ran a successful five-week, “Reach Your Jerusalem,” visitor program. Given the tricky work schedules of members and visitors, the five-Sunday program gave needed flexibility for more visitors to come. The Bible Clubs were also a perfect addition to this program in so many ways. Church members invited friends, neighbors, and coworkers to church, so they could hear the Gospel and get rooted in the Lord. The joy, contentment, and satisfaction on the faces of the visitors and those who brought them was unforgettable! What a blessing! In total, 121 first-time visitors were brought, 102 salvations took place, and new Bibles were given. Nong Phlap Sunday attendances were 125, 181, 150, 133, and 144 for October. Pong, Star, and many others were all tremendously graceful in welcoming visitors and managing the big days. To God be the glory! Thank you again greatly for your prayers and service. We are praying for you to have much peace and freedom in the Lord as you serve the Master!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman and Family