thumbnail of Caleb Christiansen November 2022 Prayer LetterAt the very end of October, I had the opportunity to go with several of our Bible college students to a church in the city of Lokoja for a special soul-winning day. We praise God that He used us to see 55 people saved. You may remember that this is the same place where I helped started a Bible institute in January. I’m glad to report that that institute is still going strong.

Our lives have changed again now that Lydia has been crawling for a few weeks now, and she is a force to keep up with. She is so determined, and once she sees something that interests her, she bolts for it without hesitation. She is already pulling herself up on things and trying to walk. We’re pretty sure Lydia is working hard to keep up with her big sister. It is so much fun seeing those two play together. I pray that their bond will continue to stay strong as they grow.

Emily has been working to fill a need with the ladies here in our church after several asked for something that would help teach them specifically about their challenges as women. Emily has started a ladies’ training time that meets once a month for the ladies in our church. We praise God that 17 ladies attended that first meeting. Please pray that this will continue to help the ladies in our church to grow.

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to give the Gospel to a man named Albert after the Sunday morning church service. After I showed him the plan of salvation and asked him if he wanted to decide to trust Christ and nothing else for salvation, he told me, “I’ve been a Catholic my whole life, but since I’ve been to this church, I can tell the truth is here. No one in the Catholic church will open the Bible and explain things like this. I’m ready to accept Christ alone.” It was so awesome seeing how God had so clearly prepared Albert for just that time.

This month we are working to instill one-on-one discipleship in our church, with church members discipling each other and new converts. This concept is pretty foreign here in Nigeria, and we are making a concerted effort in December to begin helping and training people to make it a normal thing. Please pray as we disciple and train others to do so also.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support. All the fruit that we see here is made possible because of what you do. Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

That all the world may know,

Caleb Christiansen