Juan and Amy Vallejo Prayer Letter:  ". . . For Such a Time as This?"“. . . for such a time is this?” It is evident that the enemy wants to defeat us and keep us from reaching those who are perishing. There are precious souls at stake, and we are all here for such a time as this to save much people alive. Our prayer is, “If I perish, I perish.” Our one desire is for souls to come to know the Saviour. Despite continual attacks, praise the Lord for the at least 30 souls who have been saved in Brazil and the USA!

One of the teens who came with us to Family Camp last week was challenged to see how far he could get reading his Bible nonstop. I’ve encouraged him to try to catch up to me! He may not be comprehending every word, but his face sure looks brighter! The last Sunday in November, we thank the Lord for 7 visitors and 6 saved in our Thanksgiving service in São Paulo.

One of the young men I am training as a soul winner in São Paulo invited over 50 people to church on Saturday. He was a little worried on Sunday when he noticed someone was following him. When he asked the person following him where he was going, he replied, “I’m going to your church! Remember, you invited me yesterday in the plaza?” In Cotia, Rosana lives three miles away and passes at least 10 small Pentecostal churches on her way to church here. She invited a man who was also on his way to church; he declined her invitation, saying that the pastor had invited him and he wasn’t going to go anywhere else. Come to find out, I was the pastor who had invited him, as they both turned into our Baptist church. I shared the Gospel with Renato, and he has been faithful to church ever since.

I thank the Lord for David (essential tech support!), Daniel (superb cook), and Micah (quick cleaner), who helped me with the work of the ministry for eight weeks while Amy, Esther, Juan, Caleb and Chloe were in the States. It has been five years since Caleb (age 10) last saw his grandparents; he ran into their arms when he saw them!

Amy couldn’t fathom how she had misplaced Juan’s social security card. Once in the States, she had to drive an hour away to reapply. Then they providentially stopped in a little restaurant, where Amy shared the Gospel with a Chinese lady who had many questions. After Amy, Juan, and Esther thoroughly answered each one of them, she gave her heart to Jesus. There was a reason for the lost social security card! It would have been worth the trip for this one precious soul. Amy also had the joy of leading a dear neighbor and a great aunt and uncle to the Lord. Juan and Esther also led 5 people to the Lord out soul winning with a great church!

My wife’s late grandfather tried to witness to dear friends after he was saved in 1971. He was despised and rejected by most of his friends and coworkers, who even mocked him for sharing the Gospel. Amy shared God’s everlasting love and salvation with a now elderly man who had been the best man at her grandfather’s wedding. He finally came to understand that we all come empty-handed to the throne of grace, and he received the gift of salvation!

Esther had the opportunity to help make cakes and 175 cupcakes for her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. Amy’s only sister and three younger children came for a few days as well. Esther and Juan were babies the last time they were with my sister’s family in Texas 17 years ago. My sister said that they encouraged them in the Lord. My kids loved meeting my sister’s family, going to
a great church together, and even passing out tracts over the border in Mexico! The kids even had the joy of meeting my Bible institute pastor, Tommy Ashcraft, and his wife.

Juan now has his driver’s license, Esther has her permit, and they both have a bank account. They had the privilege of visiting a Bible college and are praying for the Lord’s leading. In the meantime, they love serving here in Brazil. Juan leads the music and preaches, and Esther loves leading the choir and teaching Sunday school. Please pray for us, as we are seeking to prepare young people, and older ones too, for the work of the Lord. We are gathering resources for a Bible institute in order to equip them with the tools they need to better serve our Saviour.

The third church building is coming along slowly. Please pray for good construction workers and the funds needed to continue building. We are humbled by your prayers for good health and wisdom. Please pray for the kids’ schooling, music lessons, and efficiency with all of the needs of the home and churches. May the Lord bless you.

In His service,

The Vallejo Family