Brendan and Karin Morgan Prayer Letter: Halfway There!God has been so good to our family, protecting us on our journey and providing for all of our needs. We truly serve a great God! What a privilege it is for any of us to be used by our Creator to do His will. I pray that we will all strive to serve the Lord even more in these uncertain days. With all of the events going on in the world right now, our prayer is that we will continue to stay faithful, that more opportunities will be created for people to hear the Gospel message and receive Christ as their Saviour, and that God’s name will be magnified!

I had to rewrite this letter, as it grew way too long with all of the things God has kept us doing. If you follow us on social media, you have likely been seeing a lot of our journey already. I will try to start posting weekly video updates to Facebook soon, so stay tuned for that.

On our way out of California, we stopped in Mariposa for a great meeting, where the church voted that same night to partner with us! We then spent four days traveling across the U.S. to reach Elkton, Maryland, for a conference. We had a fantastic time there with Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor Ron Brown and his wife graciously hosted us and allowed us to stay in their prophet’s chamber for nearly two weeks! We also had a few other meetings in Maryland, including one in the D.C. area visiting some friends. We simply dropped in, but the church there also voted to support us that same night!

In February, we had an excellent weeklong conference in Springfield, Tennessee. They honestly spoiled all of the missionary families, but most notably, they had such a great spirit and passion for missions! We also caught up with old friends and just had a very refreshing time. We then spent the next two weeks at conferences and meetings in Mississippi and Louisiana. First was a great Missions Conference at Bethel Baptist Church in Walls, Mississippi. God used the preaching of Bro. Steven Barnes, missionary to Guam, to convict and challenge us. Afterward, we met up with Pastor Dan Carr Jr. of Community Baptist Church in Slidell, Louisiana. His wife Jackie and my wife went to college together, and we had a great time reconnecting. The following Monday and Tuesday, we went to the BEAMS Bible Conference at Faith Baptist Church of Gulfport, Mississippi, where we heard some fantastic preaching and got to meet a lot of people. We were invited to present our ministry at another church in Louisiana that Wednesday. Lastly, we finished the month with another excellent Missions Conference at Central Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Dr. Don Sisk was the conference speaker. It was great to spend more time with a great hero of the faith and a former missionary to Japan.

At the beginning of March, we had a couple of meetings in Kentucky. One was at Refuge Baptist Church with Pastor Johnathon Heath. He is the son of John Heath, the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Keokuk, Iowa, where I had my second meeting ever back when we were starting deputation! We had a great time with this church. We also visited Faith Baptist Church in Richmond, Kentucky, where we spent time with some old friends!

Frankly, there is not enough room in this letter to contain all of the wonderful experiences we had and the great people we met. I am writing this letter from some missionary housing that we have recently moved into in Southern Indiana. When our RV broke down at the end of November, we were able to stay with family during the holiday time in between some meetings. However, as we were waiting for repairs on our RV, we hit the road full-time in mid-January. We now finally have a place we can kind of call “home” in-between our meetings. Ironically, the repairs to our RV are finally finished. Now we need to pray for wisdom on what to do with it. We praise the Lord that we have now crossed the 50% mark for our support! We are praying that this final 50% will go even faster! We have meetings scheduled for every month this year, but we still have many gaps to fill. Here are the next several openings. Will you pray for God to fill these dates? And if you would like us to come present at your church on one of these dates, please let me know!

March 20 Sunday Midwest, South-Central U.S.
March 23 Wednesday Midwest, South-Central U.S.
April 10 Sunday Texas, Central U.S.
April 27 Wednesday Pacific Northwest
May 1 Sunday Pacific Northwest
May 4 Wednesday Pacific Northwest
May 8 (Mother’s Day) Sunday Anywhere!
May 11 Wednesday Anywhere!
May 18 Wednesday Midwest, South-Central U.S.
May 25 Wednesday Midwest, South-Central U.S.
June 1 Wednesday Midwest, South-Central U.S.
June 15 Wednesday Northeast, New England
June 19 Sunday Northeast, New England
June 22 Wednesday Northeast, New England
June 26 Sunday Northeast, New England
June 29 Wednesday Anywhere!

For His glory,

Brendan Morgan