Alberto Perez Prayer Letter: New Work Starting in LojaMy family and I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of you for your unconditional support, both spiritually and financially, these past years as we have served as your representatives here in the beautiful country of Ecuador. At the same time, we give God the glory for all He has allowed us to accomplish in His harvest: souls saved, baptized, and added to the local church. We give Him thanks for growing Christians and the churches established in Esmeraldas and Tonsupa, and we are anxious to see His mighty power as we start another work.

By way of this letter, we would like to inform you of some changes to our ministry. We previously reported our plans to go and establish a church in the Galápagos Islands, pertaining to Ecuador. We sadly report to you that although our desire was to go to Galapagos, God has shown us different plans. The Galapagos Project is still moving forward with our friend and co-servant, Pastor Franco Loyola, but we have moved to another city called Loja. Loja is located four hours from the Peru border and has a population of 235,000 souls. It is known as one of the most idolatrous places in Ecuador, but we are confident that, as God has called us here, God will work in the hearts of the people. We moved to Loja on December 27, 2016; and in the short time we have been here, we have already seen God working. We have an open door with the family that sold us our living room set. We have a dinner scheduled with them in our home Sunday night and believe that they will be the first family to join our church. Please pray for this family, Mario and Gladis.

We would also like to ask for prayers in the following areas:

1. Vicky’s Pregnancy: We are expecting our fifth child the beginning of April. There are a few areas of concern with her health, as well as the clinic where she will deliver.

2. My Back: Since our return from the U.S., I have had extreme back pain, which has hindered me from working at my normal pace. I will be seeing a doctor this week to rule out the possibility that it is a herniated disk.

I am immensely grateful for the many opportunities to preach and be a blessing to others in several missions conferences, anniversaries, and other church revivals, where we were able to see many souls saved. God has been so good to me to give me many friends in the ministry here. I am thankful for their friendship and for their help in the starting of this new work.

Alberto Perez
Philippians 1:3-9