Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Urgent NeedMerry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours! We truly covet your prayers for our family and ministry. Your prayers are vital to our health and safety as we serve the Lord on the foreign field. Please pray for our family as we strive to reach the lost in Sao Paulo and Cotia, Brazil. URGENT NEED: We need funds to continue the work on both buildings. At the new church plant site in Cotia, there is an urgent need to finish the other half of the cement floor, as it poses a safety hazard. The plumbing is also still going in for the bathrooms. Can you imagine holding services for 10 months without bathrooms?

Nilton came to our Thanksgiving service and said, “There is a real need for a church here!” He and Angelica and their two children have not missed a service since. They say that the discipleship lessons we are doing weekly are an excellent help as well. Nilton’s mother said that before finding our church, they were ready to separate. Thank the Lord that even in the midst of a construction site, it is the preaching of the Word of God that is saving marriages and keeping families together. Thank the Lord that we were able to provide a place for them to come and hear the Gospel before it was too late. Thank the Lord for all of the labor and sacrifice to get this building up and provide a refuge for the storm in their lives—JUST IN TIME!

Please consider what you can do to help with the HEAVY burden we carry to complete the building project and make them FIT for ministering to the LOST. Thank you for praying and taking part financially in the ministries. Please pray for the funds needed to continue with the two building projects! URGENT NEED: We need funds to pay the workers and purchase the needed materials. Let us know whether you would like to take part financially or lend a hand on the field. There is an overwhelming amount of work yet to do! (Juanandamyvallejo@juno.com)

We appreciate your financial support that has kept us on the field, reaching lost souls for the past 10 years. You may remember that in 2008, the second church we started in Salete, Taboao da Serra. Silvano and Aline were happy to open their home as a meeting place yet had to move just months after we started the work. Although we had a good attendance, with many souls saved, without helpers and a meeting place, the work was unable to continue. Now 8 years later, Silvano moved his family back, and he said his children beg to come to our Sao Paulo church. They have a 25- minute commute, yet he is determined to bring his family. With churches on every corner, we are thankful for the effort they are making to come to our church.

Please continue to pray for our health and safety here on the field. Running two churches is taking a toll on us physically. Please pray for laborers! Please continue to pray for God’s provision for the building projects. Please pray for the faithfulness and commitment of our church members. We are dedicating every night of the week to discipleship. May the Lord bless you and your families.

In His service,

The Vallejo Family