Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  New DVD of Our WorkWe hope you are able to watch this video of our ministry in St. Raphael, which we were able to produce this summer. Chiefly, we wanted to accent the educational aspect of our work to give you an idea of how our day-to- day operation runs. Your prayers and financial gifts really do help make all of this possible. Thank you very much!

Matters are at a stalemate concerning our property in St. Raphael, as was explained in our last letter. We have learned recently that missionaries in other countries are presently experiencing a similar situation.

Theresa and I marked our 40th wedding anniversary this summer. We were able to reunite with most of our family in between reporting to some of our supporting churches. We spent some quality time with our children and grandchildren. We have you to thank for that time also.

We, like many American parents, now have a son stationed in Afghanistan. Another son is in Ranger School in Ft. Benning, Georgia. I can now better understand how my family felt when I was stationed in Vietnam.

Thank you for taking the few minutes to read this update. We appreciate your prayers for our family and our ministry.


Keith and Theresa Baker