Mark Holmes Prayer Letter:  Those Who've Had a PartPaul said in I Corinthians 3:6, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” During this nearly six-month furlough, I have testified in almost 60 meetings about what our family is doing in Nigeria. Lest anyone assume that I am taking singular credit for our church, institute, college, conferences, or the statement that those we have trained or ordained have started over 20 churches, I would like to highlight some ministries that have “watered” as we have served in West Africa, now beginning our tenth year. This is by no means an exhaustive list, for reams of letters could be written highlighting each of our over 100 supporting churches and their pastors, any one of our almost 50 visitors to Nigeria, or a host of friends and family members who have contributed to our work in very special ways. Any support that is rendered to the following ministries ends up being a help to us and to those they directly assist.

Since June of 2002, when Sabrina and I were appointed as missionaries with Fundamental Baptist Missions International (, they have been a wonderful advisory and assistance board in the areas of preparing for deputation, getting set up on the field, and also with finances, taxes, accountability, communication, and encouragement once we established our ministry. As soon as we gave them an address, Bible Education And Missionary Service ( began sending us whole hardback King James Bibles on a monthly basis for the benefit of those we won to Christ. Several years ago they raised money for almost 4000 Bibles to be included in a container we had opportunity to share with another missionary. Working closely with BEAMS is Bible Believers Radio (, who often include preaching/conference DVDs with the monthly shipments of Bibles. To our last three pastors’ conferences, they have sent “pastors’ packs” for each church represented. In July of 2008, our church was only 26 months old, yet International World Wide Evangelism (, under the leadership of Dr. Mike Wells, brought a full conference program, guest preachers, helpful materials, and generous gifts for pastors from all over Nigeria who would attend our first Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference. Humanly speaking, we would not have such a meeting without IWWE and the continued participation of Pastor Ken Shinn (six times) and Evangelist Don Wattenbarger (three times). Last year, Final Frontiers Foundation ( brought a wireless and battery-powered way for us to be able to show the Jesus film in villages. The Power Pack served as the catalyst for several churches to be started, and we have used it multiple times in the last eighteen months. Final Frontiers also helps through me to support two graduates we recommended to them and two others with whom we fellowship.

Our previous update included a paragraph on how Global Baptist Church Planters ( has aided in the recent starting of four churches with our graduates. In several letters over the years, we have also highlighted each of our SMITE youth camps (with Pastors McGuffee and Decker), missions conferences (recently with Evangelist Jim Belisle), and SWLC pastors’ conferences (recently including Dr. Mike Cox). In conclusion, I would want to join in the chorus with each of these ministries that “all the glory belongs to Jesus.” None of these men or organizations would want to singularly take credit, but all have been a part of what we continue to do by the Lord’s grace in Nigeria.

Believing God,

Mark Holmes