Team Indo-Philippine UpdateGREAT START TO 2014!
This year has been off to a great start, and we expect the Lord will continue to use us as we press forward in the work He has given us to do.

January 19, 2014, Internatonal Baptst Church at Dumaguete celebrated her third anniversary. We had a wonderful day, as our people invited many others to join us for the occasion. We saw 367 attend our morning service and 187 in our evening service. It was great to see our soul winners in action that day during the invitation time and to lead 19 of those who trusted Christ to be baptized.

We’ve been seeing great growth in our Sunday school. Attendances have been rising, and our folks are growing. Soul winners are training soul winners, and it has been great to see our church members helping others to grow. Our theme this year is “Grow With Us.” We’re teaching our soul winners to go further with their converts than just winning them to Christ and hoping they make it. We’ve put a growth-­‐chart system in place so that a soul winner can immediately begin working with a new believer
in taking steps of growth. Please pray as we implement this and make adjustments in the great work of discipleship.

Jason Garganian was reached through International Baptist Church at Dumaguete. A friend invited him to visit the new church he was attending, and Jason was led to Christ by Bro. Jason MacRae. Jason became
a soul winner, and is passionate in his soul winning. He was one of the first students to start at Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines; in fact, he was the first student to register for class on our opening day. Jason believes God has called him to be a preacher, and he has also surrendered to serve God as a missionary.

Jason has overcome a lot of adversity and has grown leaps and bounds since coming to church and becoming a student. Jason’s family is not opposed to him being in Bible college; however, he receives very little support financially from those in his family. Please pray for Jason as he continues to study and to serve.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide for us a new place to meet in the future. We are not being forced out of our current location but believe that our church needs to locate and purchase our own property to build onfor long-­‐term growth. Land in our area can be found for roughly $35 per square meter.

Please pray that our need for more transportation will be met. We are filling our vehicles to capacity and making multiple trips with them.

As we look toward the future, there are some things on the horizon that we would ask you to pray for and consider. Hyles-­Anderson College of the Philippines is currently at 14 students. Our structure and teaching are having a great impact in the lives of our students,and we are looking forward to adding more students very soon. We are near capacity in our current boarding facilities for our students. Currently every bed is taken, and we will need to add more bedding before June 2014. It takes roughly $100 per student per month to operate our college. This is a need that we ask you would pray for. Our
students are worthy investments!

We also see the need for more teachers as our college grows and we move into new subjects for students. There are many places in the world that missionaries are still needed, yet the Philippines still gives a tremendous opportunity to train nationals who can go into places throughout Asia were Americans would not be as effective. Before the door in the Philippines closes, and I believe it may very well close, let’s take advantage of the opportunity before us. We are praying for more laborers. Will you join us?

Randy DeMoville
Team Leader